International Parental Abduction Awareness

Part of CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International role is to try and bring more awareness to International Parental Child Abduction. We constantly find most people don’t know or haven’t heard of Parental Child Abduction, unless they personally experience it or know someone who has. Then there are those who clearly have no understanding of…

Another Successful Recovery

Say hello to Pavel illegally abducted by his father’s family after his father past away in 2016. Pavel has been illegally held since with limited contact to his mother. After having the door closed time and time again searching for help, this mother turned to CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International after being scammed $18,000….

Child Abduction Mediation

Over the last few years Child Abduction Recovery International has noticed a dramatic increase in the push for mediation by government funded organisations who deal in resolving cases of International Parental Child Abduction. In Child Abduction Recovery Internationals 19 years in the parental child abduction industry CARI has found mediation to have succeeded zero times….

What to do if your child is abducted

CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International   How to get your child back if they’ve been abducted to a foreign Country?   Each has their own thoughts and ideas on what to do when your child gets abducted. There are a number of steps to you can take and we outline some of the most…

Holiday Season Ahead – Beware

Beware the holiday season is approaching…..All holidays are the high season for ‘International Parental Child Abduction’….. Each holiday season CARI is contacted by many frantic parents who have had their child/children abducted/kidnapped. CARI knowns particularly in the lead up to the school holidays; that before or during school holidays is one of the most common…