Fraud Squad member sentenced to 3 yrs for scamming parents!

Predator Fraudster ….Peter Thomas Senese gets 3 years in prison for committing “a crime of unspeakable cruelty.” (Click on link at bottom of this post for news article on his sentence) CARI is so happy that one of the fraud squad has been put away. This is great news and a warning for the other…

Where are they now?

Where are they now…..IPCA – International Parental Child Abduction. Often we get asked about past cases and how the children are going. So we thought we would post about some of our recoveries we have done including cases we have assisted left behind parents with and what has happened since we got the children home….

It doesn’t pay to be a liar

Watching the stats on our blog and seeing who is reading our blog, it’s clear this story has created a lot of attention in Australia. Some wonderful news just breaking direct to CARI in relation to the media circus, and illegal abduction in Malaysia that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons….. From the…

Beware of cowboys Colin Chapman

People can keep their mouths closed, and watch this happen again and again to innocent children and parents, but we’ll stand up and say what needs to be said….. This link is the latest report by Sydney Morning Herald….Colin Chapman and the other two thugs are wanted by Malaysian police for ‘wrongful confinement’ arrest warrants issued….