Required Documents for International travel with minors

Child protection. The idea is to safe-guard against child abduction and smuggling. Controls are getting tighter, and checks more frequent. This is a great sign for what we at CARI believe is long over due. If your children don’t share your surname, and you’re travelling without their father (or vice versa) – or, indeed, if…

Welcome home Esin

Say hello to 8 year old Esin illegally abducted to Ukraine by her mother and finally arriving home today to Turkey. Esin was abducted while her father was in the shower on a family holiday!! There are no limits abductors will go to to carry out their planned abductions. The father didn’t have a clue….

Where are they now?

Where are they now…..IPCA – International Parental Child Abduction. Often we get asked about past cases and how the children are going. So we thought we would post about some of our recoveries we have done including cases we have assisted left behind parents with and what has happened since we got the children home….

Colin Chapman truths revealed

We have been big advocates in exposing frauds in the IPCA International Parental Child Abduction industry and we always will speak out against anyone who takes advantage of vulnerable parents. It seems Colin Chapman’s past is now slowly catching up with him. He avoids public scrutiny by journalists who are not aware of his past…

Children in legal Vaccum: International Child Abduction

This article is from 2012 but it highlights some major issues with The Hague Convention that to this day in 2017 have not been fixed. Thousands of parents get told The Hague Convention will get their abducted children home, it’s simply not true… Many of us take on work or studies in a foreign country,…

Massive increase of abductions in Ireland

“Figures from the Department of Justice show 320 applications were dealt with by Irish Central Authority for Child Abduction in 2015. The 2015 report, released by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, says 161 of these are new applications.” link below to full article…. #IPCA #parentalabductionireland

Canadian lawyer has a heart

Following this sad case of IPCA – International Parental Child Abduction (Canada – Taiwan) I was personally touched by reading this article. As people know CARI speaks what others choose not to speak of and that is the truth on many issues related to IPCA. There is so much garbage online in particular on FB…

Pakistan to join Hague Convention

1st of March 2017 Pakistan will be another country to enter into The Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Is this a step forward or will Pakistan be another signature state that ignores the rules set out in the Hague which should be protecting abducted children and…

Another Ukraine abduction

Say hello to Michael (name changed) illegally abducted from the United Kingdom to Ukraine in 2014 by his father in another International Parental Child Abduction case. In what would be one of Child Abduction Recovery International’s most emotional recoveries to date this was an amazing team effort by a 5 man and 1 woman team….

List of Experienced Lawyers in Child abduction

Weekly CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International is contacted by desperate left behind parents. Some with their child just recently being illegally abducted and some who have been at it for years fighting the system trying to bring their children home. Every single one of them asks CARI about lawyers or tells us about their…

Religion in IPCA

Religion in IPCA (A must read if you know someone involved) We wanted to write about this controversial topic as it gets ignored far too often until too late, some have no idea about its consequences and there is just not enough awareness about religion when it comes to International Parental Child Abduction or IPCA….

Holiday Season BEWARE

Beware the holiday season is approaching…..All holidays are the high season for ‘International Parental Child Abduction’ Each holiday season CARI is contacted by many frantic parents who have had their child/children abducted/kidnapped. CARI knowns particularly in the lead up to the school holidays; that before or during school holidays is one of the most common…