Parental Child Abduction Frauds, Scammers + Associates

(Updated when necessary) Disclaimer: Everything in this blog is true and can be verified with documentation, video, images, witnesses, vicitms or audio. Each named has been given the oppurtunity to reply or refute the facts shown below. To date none have. The information contained in this blog is not defamation, it is true and accurate….

Parental Child Abduction Frauds

(Updated when necessary) Eric Kalmus – Uses the identity ‘ABP World Group’ fraudulently. There is now no ABP World Group after he took the name in a hostile take over from it’s original founder. He has not recovered a single child. Beware of him as he is in almost every Facebook page or group associated…

Parental Child Abduction Tunisia

Say hi to 4 yr old Shayma recovered yesterday by CARI Child Abduction Recovery International. No other has recovered children from Tunisia. Some have tried but failed with catastrophic results for all involved. Shayma was taken to Tunisia illegally by her father in 2016 and not allowed to see or speak to her mother. Yesterday…

Another Successful Recovery

Say hello to Pavel illegally abducted by his father’s family after his father past away in 2016. Pavel has been illegally held since with limited contact to his mother. After having the door closed time and time again searching for help, this mother turned to CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International after being scammed $18,000….