CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International provides a one stop solution for left alone parents who have had their child/children abducted. Parental abduction is at epidemic proportions worldwide leaving left alone parents very few options to get help. We help recover abducted children from around the world. We also help recover children who have been trafficked and sold as sex slaves. We are not a security company, we are not bodyguards, we are Child Recovery Specialists and that’s it, that is all we do!

CARI logo 10 sept 2013

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  1. I’m so glad I found your site! I am a mom blogger, and I recently learned through my blogging about a great method to avoid child abduction! Ever since I learned it, I’ve been trying to share it with all the parents I know, but it’s tough to get my message out. Here’s a link- I’d love to hear your opinion and your recommendations on how moms and dads can keep their kids safe from abduction! https://whenfithitstheshan.com/2018/12/06/how-to-respond-when-children-wander-away-or-worse

  2. al;skdh;vbsdfg says:

    why dont you have you address or email on your website?!?!?!?! How are we suppossed to contanct you?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Hi, our details are on the ‘contact us’page on our website. CARI

  3. Haroon says:

    Hello sir.
    My daughter is abducted by my ex wife and took her to UAE. Interpol red notice were issued by high court. Now UAE authorties want local arrest warrent against her.
    Do you have any record of such warrent issued against any parents in pakistan is abduction. Or any other help you can provide in this regard.

    Thank you

  4. Hannah says:

    Thank god there’s someone out there who cares about children. God bless all of you.

  5. George Crouch says:

    How can I get in touch with someone who can help me get my sons back… My estranged wife kidnapped/ abducted my children last weekend and to them to her home country of Trinidad and Tobago… She sent me a text stating that she wasn’t coming back… I contacted the authorities and of course its a process… A friend at work told me that you guys might be able to help…. Please let me know if you can…
    George Crouch

  6. Hi Adam.

    I’m an Australian who is the founder of Coalition of Parents of Abducted Children (COPAC). I’m in contact with many parents whose children have been abducted & I’ve been following CARI for some time. Do you have an email address?

    1. Hi Ken, if you wish to contact Adam please use info@childabductionrecovery.com

      Cheers CARI

  7. andy cowley says:

    i want to work with you. having worked in nigeria / cambodia in similar confilcts It
    t would mean so much to me to help

  8. PLEASE PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!! We are an organisation called HOPE in London all with personal experiences of this and now support other women . We are DESPERATE FOR YOUR COMMUNICATION AND HELP. We are highly supported by local politicians and key organisations. I am also on the VAWG board and am the Director of HOPE. Please I desperately need to talk to you xxx cassie Taylor

  9. Two people working for my foundation had their children abducted to the UK, the UK is refusing to uphold a Hague order, any advice

    1. Hi guys, thanks for following CARI. If you can contact us at info@childabductionrecovery.com with more details we will be able to advise. Cheers CARI

  10. Patritsia Pitsillidou says:

    My daughter Marina Nawafleh has been abducted by her Jordanian father on 2/05/2012 from Cyprus and he took her to Jordan. Since then I didn’t see my daughter. I have tried a lot to bring her back through the embassies, through the government and the ministry but nobody can help me. Can you do something from and help find a solution? I am desperate and I don’t know what to do. I want my baby back. Please help me….

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