International Parental Abduction Awareness

Part of CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International role is to try and bring more awareness to International Parental Child Abduction. We constantly find most people don’t know or haven’t heard of Parental Child Abduction, unless they personally experience it or know someone who has. Then there are those who clearly have no understanding of International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA.) Many believe a child kidnapped by a parent is a safe child. This thinking is so far from the truth.

Child Abduction Recovery International has years of experience in the kidnapping industry. We work with large and small law firms requesting our help in cases after they excuse all legal avenues and are unable to get local authorities to carry out enforcement. We have seen everything there is, when it comes to IPCA.

In 2015 CARI was approached by a British documentary company. As a result we allowed them to produce the first ever documentary of a legal recovery. We only agreed to it, so we could raise awareness to a dark topic. It’s a topic that unfortunately, has many myths and false stories. We are also constantly approached by media requesting stories, but since 2016 we have had a ban on main stream media due to constant fake news.

Now, in 2020/2021 we have partnered up with a documentary team to produce a first ever 6 part series, which will involve bringing more needed awareness worldwide to IPCA. We have come to learn the the main stream terrestrial channels are a waste of time, as they will cut and edit anything that shows the truth. So we are going to show our new series on the international streaming services, like Amazon and Netflix.

We have only agreed to this on the condition we have a say in the final edit. This will ensure it’s as truthful for the viewers as possible. We will be discussing and showing everything there is involved with IPCA. Many, including solicitors and charities working in the IPCA field, often tell parents anything but the reality, which results in years of wasted time and money.  The Hague Convention is a disaster for left behind parents, which is failing in 97% of cases. Clients heart wrenching stories must be told. It’s time the reality was told. 

We are also very excited to be working along side the same documentary team. Trust is important to us, and something we must have when it comes to working with media and our clients.

Unfortunately, time and time again journalists prove with false stories, just how bad main stream media can be. There is no such thing as due diligence with many journalists. Very few articles put out the truth or facts about stories, which leaves dark clouds over this topic and clients often upset. We have also come to learn, even some clients will not hesitate to lie to us, just so we can agree to help them. This will also be covered in our new series.

This worldwide epidemic problem will not go away, and it never will. It is the most horrible and heartbreaking thing any parent can experience. Having your child vanish is sickening and those who truly have been through it, are the only ones to really understand.

Below our CEO being interviewed for Swedish and International TV.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding International Parental Child Abduction feel free to contact CARI Child Abduction Recovery International 24/7. We are always available at or by calling our CEO Adam Whittington directly +46 707834328 on Whatsapp

We don’t just talk, we are the only ones who actually recover children. It’s why experienced law firms turn to CARI for help.