Russia Parental Child Abduction

A signatory to The Hague Convention that has a massive problem with the amount of children being abducted to or retained illegally in, that rarely gets mentioned is, Russia. Parental Child Abduction is a crime that happens with frightening regularity. Sometimes a Russian-born mother cannot adapt to her new life abroad and returns to the safety of her native Russia, taking along her child without the father’s consent. Or a divorce has gone wrong, and the mother takes the child back to Russia despite a court order that allows the father visitation rights.

As a general rule, the Russian Interpol Bureau, a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, should take action based on Interpol notices for missing children and kidnapping parents. This warrant information is also shared with the Russian State Border Control Service. Unfortunately, there is no national coordinating agency for such searches. Enforcement of Hague Convention orders simply do not exist in Russia for International Parental Child Abduction.


The process of international law is very slow. On 1 October 2011, Russia became the 86th signatory of the Hague Convention of October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. However, it was only in June last year that the UK recognized Russia’s accession under its own domestic legislation. But don’t that fool you, Russia has recently stated that Russian law will outweigh any International Family law. That’s the reality in Russia International Parental Child Abduction cases.

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The convention harmonizes the resources from country to country to ensure that children who have been removed from one signatory country to another can be located, apprehended and returned to their parent or guardian in their country of habitual residence, to minimize distress and harm to the child.

The the way the current convention works and the lack of reciprocal legal framework it provides between countries, the return of children can prove more time consuming, costly and ultimately distressing for the child.

Article 3 of the convention states that a child is abducted where:

A) The child habitually resides a country that is a signatory to the convention. The actual nationality of the child or parents is unlikely to be significant in most abduction cases.

B) The child is removed abroad or is being detained there without the permission of their legal guardian in breach of that person’s custody rights.

C) The child is under sixteen years old.


(Russian Recovery 2015)

The reality is that harmonizing international law is seldom straightforward and the convention is no different. One such difficulty is that the implementation of the convention from state to state can differ in significant ways. Indeed, Hague can conflict with domestic laws. President Putin has recently made it very clear, that Russian law will override any International especially in family law matters. Another words, Russia is and will protect their own citizens. Also note, in Russia, children can not be taken abroad by one parent without written permission from the other.

Left behind parents will not have their children returned through any Russian courts. It’s just the reality. CARI Child Abduction Recovery International is the only organization that has and can return abducted children from Russia. We have a highly trained team of ex Russian police and military, who work directly with Russian police and immigration. Russia is a dangerous country and we have seen some clients try and recover their children themselves or with amateurs pretending they can return children from Russia. Every single one have been detained and expelled from Russia. This is devastating for the left behind parent as their chances of seeing or returning their abducted children again is zero.

We know how to get things done in Russia. Going through the Hague Convention in countries like Russia is going to waste your time and money. Anyone telling you something different has never stepped foot in Russia.

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International currently has clients where their children have been abducted to Russia, and the way in which they are treated by the system in Russia, is nothing short of a joke. This highlights the truth of another country that should be ashamed in it’s dealings towards the foreign left behind parent and their abducted children. We will continue to help returned abducted children from Russia.

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