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With the ever growing number of parents desperately contacting CARI Child Abduction Recovery International for help regarding Poland we thought we’d dedicate our latest blog to Poland.

Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction:

Poland is a signatory to the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. This is the primary mechanism used to request the return of a child (under the age of 16) to their country of habitual residence after they have been wrongfully removed or retained in Poland. The 1980 Hague Convention is an international treaty that has been signed and ratified by over 90 countries to ensure the swift return of a child to their country of habitual residence after a wrongful removal or retention, subject to minimal specified defences.

Take note of the ‘Swift Return‘ part above. There has never been a swift return in all our 19 years of doing this job. It’s complete nonsense and something that left behind parents see as a ray of hope when their children have been kidnapped. 6 weeks it states in The Hague Convention that a decision must be made by the abducted to country. Regardless if it Poland or any other Hague signature country 6 weeks is absolutely so far from the truth as any left behind parent would agree with.

Poland like many many other non compliant countries has an absolutely disgraceful record of returning illegally abducted or retained children in Poland. The amount of clients we have had and continue to have relating to kidnapped children in Poland would be one of our top countries parents seek help in.

Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 – Brussels IIa

As Poland is a member of the European Union (EU) it is also bound by a piece of European law known as Brussels II revised, Brussels IIa, or Brussels II bis. This European law allows for orders relating to parental responsibility from one EU country to be recognised and enforced in another EU country.


Do not be fooled or brainwashed by groups or lawyers who have zero knowledge on the ground in non compliant countries like Poland. You will waste years and a lot of money on rubbish advice. Remember so many kidnappers are coached to hide on average 12 months so then their legal argument is the child is well and truly settled in the abducting country. Many of our Polish cases the kidnapping parent goes underground hiding as they play the ‘time game.’ Nearly all cases we know, the judge will agree the child is now well established and you will not see your child until they are 18.

This is the reality in Poland and countries like it. The Hague Convention is a useless piece of paper because it has zero ENFORCEMENT. Parents please forget about Interpol helping you inside an abducting country! They don’t! The amount of clients who contact us with their hopes on Interpol is scary. This blog we did on Interpol might help you understand Interpol and it’s role more… ➡️ Interpol

Then you have internal problems like the way court curators in Poland by law must contact the abducting parent to say we will come to take the child! It is the most backwards system and designed to protect the abducting parent. We have sat and listened to Polish court curators even state, they protect their own citizens (abducting parents).

Under Article 12 Hague Convention, the court is not obligated to return a child when return proceedings pursuant to the Convention are commenced a year or more after the alleged removal or retention and it is demonstrated that the child is settled in its new environment. This was a blog we did explaining Article 12 in layman’s termshttps://childabductionrecovery.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/the-hague-convention-article-12/

So, where does this leave the left behind parents? It leaves them bankrupt or close to it, with tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees in two countries and it leaves the abducting parent in a great legal position to have legal arguments that the children are now well established into the community and country. There are one or two honest lawyers out there who we know inform their clients to get the legal basics in place and then contact CARI Child Abduction Recovery International to help enforcement and recovery actually take place.

We have many left behind parents come to us, we look at their case, we give them our fees and they disappear because organisations like Reunite who is government funded talk rubbish to parents pushing them for years to go to court or the other waste of time process of … mediation. The LBP are left years later only to return to CARI asking desperately to help them as they get absolutely no where with The Hague Convention in Poland.

We can tell you now, our fees are cheaper then the cost of your lawyers and more expensive then frauds who charge low fees knowing they’ll do absolutely nothing to get your children home. The difference is, no lawyer will ever return your children from Poland or similar countries…. we will return your children. Why do more lawyers contact CARI now when they hit a brick wall helping their clients? We have returned many children from Poland back to their habitual resistance.

Many of our Polish cases we are even signed on as power of attorneys in court orders to help us collect the child with the left behind parents.

That’s reality of Poland and International Parental Child Abduction. Polish courts continue to violate The Hague Convention, without anyone being held accountable, which is the norm for Hague Convention countries.


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