Layla Leisha Parental Abduction Lies to hide Paedophile ring

“Missing girl Layla Leisha found after four years”

“Child in Australia’s longest Parental Abduction found”

“Missing girl, 12, who vanished FOUR YEARS ago is found after being spotted in Aboriginal community”

“Breakthrough in mysterious missing girl case as 12-year-old who vanished FOUR YEARS ago is spotted 100km away from where she disappeared”

“Missing girl found after four years”

(image posted by media outlets across Australia in October 2018)

We have seen it a hundred times in this industry…… first media publications are always wrong or false and usually from a source, who has ulterior motives, whether for media attention, or to cover up the real story they want no one to know about.

Layla’s case has been in and out of family law and child safety since she was 9 months old. No one listen to Layla or her family.

Layla Leisha went missing from Calliope, Queensland, in December 2014 with her father and his sister. Family Court of Australia, issued a recovery order asking the public to help locate her. The AFP Australian Federal Police issued warrants for the arrest of the father and his sister for abduction. It was Australia’s longest running Parental Abduction case, but was it really a Parental Abduction?

Fast forward to Wednesday 12th December 2018, a Brisbane court ordered full parental responsibility to the Australian father, Shahrainier Eric Shem Leisha (Kudda), 45, along with his tribal sisters. Kudda took his daughter 12 year old Layla, 4 years ago and was recently branded as a kidnapper in the media. Included in the Queensland court order made on the 12th December, the judge has ordered that mother is not to contact her daughter in any way, except by letter. This was also the wishes of Layla herself, who is an intelligent, wonderful young girl. Below part of the court order, see point 3.

Fast forward again to 13 November 2019, IT’S ALL FINALLY OVER!!! The honorable Justice Forrest has finally put an end to Layla’s nightmare and ordered final and full custody to Layla’s father and her paternal Aunties. Judge Forrest also recognized and acknowledged Layla’s years of sexual abuse by her mother and a group of paedophiles….. 

Ok, going back again to her story:

Today Layla, is a very happy girl. I have personally seen pictures of Layla, which we will not release to the media or public partly because it is Layla’s wishes not to let her mother or her abusers see her appearance as of December 2018.

Layla did not wish to contact her mother for the reason that this would place her in contact with her abusers. Layla clearly express in relation to contact with her Mother, Layla did not desire this presently, this was expressed under volition and was acknowledge in a way that gave Layla assurance that she would continued to be protective and her wishes were paramount.

Layla has friends of her peers and Layla had ample children to play with and Layla was never deprived of any social activities and Layla’s medical needs were met and received the appropriate care during her time with her father and Aunt.
Concerns for about parties contact with the Mother as stated on the 3rd of October 2018 Layla, as she told Child Safety Team Leader Regina Fing and Senior Prac Tracey Connor that Layla clearly said she was not ready to see or speak with her Mother and asked authorities not provide her Mother with a photograph of her. Layla said that she will have contact with her Mother when she feels ready to.

Theses have been Layla concerns through out the time spent in a protective caring environment which was facilitated for Layla and Layla’s concerns were paramount due to the nature of the sexual disclose of what her Mother, Steve Robson and Detective John Flanagan(QPS Officer) and other persons, who have been involved in theses sadists acts: nude photo’s and videos of Mother, Steve Robson and John Flanagan and others . Layla would be stripped naked and photo’s taken of her and given alcohol and drug substances and bashed and interfered with sexually by Mother, Steve Robson and others. John Flanagan would strip her naked and take photo’s of her and would do whatever he wanted to her. The words spoken by Layla to Child Safety officers Rachael Trowell and Regina Fing, who both promised Layla that if she disclosed to them ANYTHING including the abusers, they will let the AFP know and do appropriate actions!!! This I have heard on a tape recording that was done during the interview with Layla. After Layla mentioned the paedophiles names and her mothers actions, both Trowell and Fing, stopped Layla stating…. “save it for your caseworker that we are getting you.”

To this date…… not one of Layla’s discloses has been followed up.

Layla is able to know explore and maintain her identity and values and including their cultural ethnic and religious identity and values. Layla is immersed in an itinerary of music, art and language based on her cultural, ethnic and religious identity and values. Layla has meaningful interaction with internationally renowned musicians and dancers, attending events relating to her religious and spiritual identity, and has interaction with professionals in matters of children’s developmental, educational, emotional, health, intellectual and physical needs. Layla daily draws on a personal library of books, encyclopedia, videos, for entertainment and educational purposes, toys, an extensive collection of miniature figurines and electronic gaming equipment. Layla’s personal art demonstrates her capacity for expression.

Layla’s clothing wardrobe gives her choices in dress styles, and opportunity to interact confidently in all public and private events she attended, always in the care of her family and kin. Layla has access to a professional library, in English covering such topics as nature, indigenous flora and fauna, science, and Aboriginal and Northern European culture and Australian history, and under close supervision access to internet-based materials. Layla is able to participate in her educative and pleasure pursuits with complementary nutrition matched to her needs. Food is purchased with her specific needs in mind and Layla present state of health is a testimony to her healthy diet, as informed by a process of determining her needs and consistently ensuring she was satiated. She enjoys a life with clean air and water, sunshine, natural habitat and amenities. Layla has access to medical attention if ever required. Layla has even learnt how to play piano over the phone and ballet by video phone.

Respondent Father (Kudda) has always acted in a protective manner and his concern for his daughter Layla was/is paramount to him, as demonstrated through out the time spent away provided the protection loving and caring environment and during and after the process was always seeking to get Government, Members of Parliament, Department of Child Safety, Federal Police and Queensland Police to investigate his Daughter’s discloses about the above abuse.
The above headlines at the beginning of this blog, were the headlines flashing across Australia and New Zealand in October 2018. They all used one source, notorious convicted fraud, criminal and paedophile Colin Chapman, who continues to falsely proclaims himself as a child recovery expert. Journalist with no experience, buy his fabricated stories like bees to honey, carrying out zero due diligence on Chapman. He will lie, beg and steal to get his name plastered over any case he truly has no connection to at all, which he has proven over and over again. Chapman as he usually does, goes in and attacks the real victim parent in order to cover the abusive parents actions.

This is one false statement made up by Chapman in Layla’s case, “She’s not going to school and can barely read or write — there are real concerns for her safety and welfare,” Mr Chapman told The Morning Bulletin. This is so far from the truth.

Is this because he himself is a paedophile and abusive man? Maybe the countless domestic violence orders against him, by two different female partners, issued by Queensland courts, or his time in Wolston youth detention and jail for theft of vehicles and theft, or the numerous investigations by police and the Child Protection Investigation Unit, into his sexual abuse of his own two daughters in the shower. He proclaims to writing a best seller book on paedophiles….. no surprise there or the fact the book never hit the shelves. A paedophile covering his own actions, by stating he helps kids. Is this why he continues to protect child abusers and paedophiles? We have evidence which shows Colin Chapman is a police informer. A snitch as we say, as he proved in our Lebanon case. In our experience paedophiles always protect paedophiles. With our research and knowledge paedophile rings or groups, what ever you want to call them, use secret methods to contact and pass child porn images around the world. What we are finding is that those scumbag paedophiles who actually do get brought to justice (and believe me it’s only a few who do) only learn and educate themselves in prisons and detention centers as they only mingle and mix with other sex offenders. Educating themselves from other sex offenders on methods and new ways to conceal child porn images to avoid being caught in the future once they are released from their usually pathetic sentencing.

Of course I do not state things in public unless it is true and I have seen evidence. As you can clearly see from this part of a report below. This is part of the CPIU interview of Colin Chapman’s sexual abuse to his two daughters, including Saria his oldest, recorded in Nambour Police Station, on the Sunshine Coast.

Some parts below have been blanked out, but if you read carefully you can fill in the blanks, including where Colin Chapman‘s name goes. “Hour long showers with his two daughters, using his penis to show the girls have to clean their private parts. Then he spends up to 3 hours lecturing the girls and demanding his oldest girl Saria, not to tell anyone what they are discussing/doing. The information recorded in the child protection history indicates that there have been significant concerns that (blank) physically abused the child”



So who really is Colin Chapman? The truth lies here:

Undisputed hard evidence of his countless Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Fraud and on and on…

But this case has a deeper and more important focus then just one paedophile and convicted fraud with his fairy tale Facebook stories, it is about a loving father who did everything to protect his sexually abused daughter, from emotional and horrendous physical sexual abuse.

The father (Kudda), was branded by media as an abusive, kidnapping father, who had treated his 11 year old daughter, Layla, very poorly all initiated by Colin Chapman. I was in direct contact with the Kudda, after being contacted by aboriginal family members about the way in which the media, due to Colin Chapman‘s fabricated lies over social media, was treating Kudda. There was a tremendous amount of pressure for Kudda to hand himself in to authorities, but the wonderful and caring father he is, he stuck by his responsibility as a father and that of Aboriginal law, of protecting his child from harm. Kudda and his family could not understand why Chapman was attacking and defaming Kudda with lies. Why is he involved in this case, working for free he states to a journalist? Or trying to protect his paedophile friends making sure Layla was their’s to abuse again.

The family also stated that Chapman’s comments on his Facebook page, that he was working on this case side by side, with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), were false and that the investigating team at the AFP were not happy Chapman was portraying this on his social media page. The AFP also mentioned in an email to Chapman, (which we have full copy of for anyone to see) it is a federal offence to make these false statements. The Brisbane courts also followed suite and contacted Chapman directly to direct him to remove his fake stories on his Facebook page as it was false and he was breaching court orders by publishing it. Lies are a common pattern with Chapman though, as in a New Zealand article dated 21 January 2017, where he states on record, “Chapman says he served in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, before becoming a private investigator.” (also a federal offence to state)

This email below was sent by the AFP directly to a family member involved in the case, who complained about Chapman and his threats to kill the father, as well as harassment and breaching court orders in the form of a complete ban on any publication of this case:

Email removed from blog 29 January 2019 at AFP request. Why? Is it because Colin Chapman is 100% one of their police informers? Yes, that’s 100% a true and accurate comment. Reason for requesting removal ‘Email Caveat’… A joke really, but out of respect to the AFP we removed it. It seems it’s ok to impersonate an AFP or ASIS agent, but exposing the truth is not ok. Protecting paedophiles and informers, seem higher on the priority list for some authorities these days.

(original email can be verified)

You see, Chapman did nothing but put Layla in danger, as always putting his public interest before a young child’s and continually fooling people on his Facebook page.

This was the fabricated rubbish post on the right, claiming he found Layla within 4.5 weeks. The father Kudda replied with his post on the left.


Journalist Christine Mckee, of Rockhampton’s Morning Bulletin, assisted Chapman putting his fabricated story out. She also broke court orders publishing information in her fake article.

The interesting thing about this journalist was the fact that she was given undisputed evidence showing material of Chapman’s sexual abuse of his own daughters, and given facts in this case, but she choose to ignore all and support Chapman posting their fake article about Kudda and his daughter. Another journalist after ‘the scoop’, which these days is the first journalist who prints their story, regardless if it’s factual or not, or if it destroys someones reputation or life. You have to wonder sometimes, just how much money gets passed from some journalists to frauds and vice versa.

One fact is, Layla was not found by anyone, including the Queensland or AFP police. It was Kudda’s paternal sisters and Layla’s aunties Michelle, Ursula, Jennifer and Krisandra, who were in direct contact negotiating with the AFP and the Department of Child Safety Youth and Women. The AFP were very professional and respectful in dealing with Kudda and his family, something Kudda and his paternal sisters congratulated the AFP agents on. It was also noted that in the negotiations with Kudda to return his daughter to Brisbane, the family asked that matters pertaining to Cultural Lore/Law and family concerns be taken into consideration. Discussion also took place about the actions of the child’s Father Kudda, being seen in Western Law as child abduction whilst in Cultural Lore, it was acknowledged that the action taken would have been as seen as a father taking cultural responsibility to provide protection for his child; taking her out of harm’s way and keeping her in a place where she was considered safe and protected by him and an Aunt. Once an agreement was made with all parties involved, that was in the best interest of Layla, the father along with his paternal sisters, met with AFP and the Child Protection Investigation Unit (CPIU) officers to discuss the situation, including the active arrest warrants out on the father, while Layla was at an undisclosed location with family members.

The family shared in their brother’s frustration in feeling that the authorities were not listening to the critical concerns that he raised (as the child’s father) or that they had raised as the child’s paternal family. The family stressed that whilst they did not support the action taken by their brother and sister (Jennifer, Kudda’s sister, assisted Kudda in protecting Layla for the 4 years) with regards to their niece, they understood the reasons why they did what they did as there were parental, family and cultural obligations involved to protect the missing child. Concerns raised from the Paternal family over the very sensitive lived trauma regarding Layla; the importance of
protection for Layla. The serious concerns that Layla was voicing but no one was listening; concerns of sexual and physical abuse. Concerns of Layla not being listened to and concerns of Layla always placed back in the care of her Mother. The Paternal family also had concerns of Layla being badly neglected, uneducated and unhealthy while in the mothers care.

Department of Child Safety stated they had learnt a lot with this case and it is important to get it right, to make sure this does not happen again. Further concerns of the paternal family, How are the perpetrators going to be dealt with/ held accountable for their
actions? Department of Child Safety workers mentioned if Child Safety had a conversation with Layla and Layla disclosed anything concerning to them, it would be their obligation to refer these concerns on to the Australian Federal Police.
Department of Child Safety did mention that no legal process would be good for Layla at this stage due to the revisiting of any alleged abuse. They also mentioned that Layla did make it very clear that she did not want to see her Mother.

In the negotiations the AFP mentioned this would be a QPS (Queensland Police Service) matter; the QPS would listen to the concerns and follow those concerns through. AFP has a huge task and addresses many issues in Australia but in this case, AFP is recovery only, the allegations need to go through to the right people. AFP is only happy to help make sure this process happens if this is what is required.

The Paternal family spoke about their concerns of Colin Chapman who was freely working for Layla’s Mother; the Paternal family has concerns of Colin Chapman criminally stealing Layla and putting Layla back with those who abused her. They also mentioned Chapman advertising himself on Layla, which includes a WIN news video interview Chapman is continually advertising on his fake Facebook page ‘Child Recovery – Chapman’

(image posted by northern star The Northern Star newspaper October 2018)

Below notes taken from Child Safety officers report:

Investigating officer Detective John Flanagan.” This is the officer that Layla has named as one of her sexual abusers. Flanagan is part of the sex parties the mother (Deborah) has were Layla is subjected to mental and sexually abused. Layla has told Child Safety, John Flanagan would strip her naked and take photo’s of her and would do whatever he wanted to her. This paragraph above was the interview in question, where the abuser John Flanagan, interviewed Layla and tried to frame her father as her abuser! 

“Layla made disclosures relating to sexual abuse in a caravan belonging to her mother and the family feel that there has never been any consequences for those involved despite Layla’s disclosures.”

“The mother Deborah has had criminal charges including grievous bodily harm an of Investigating domestic violence orders relating to violence towards others including her partner Bruno, and her step father. Deborah has also been a victim of violence by partners towards her including her most recent partner Wally Waleed and sexual abuse by her biological father. She says this has had a significant impact on her life and is why she would never allow Layla to experience this.”

“Deborah is currently living with Steven Robson again in the house where Layla grew up and Steven is one of the men that Layla has named when she disclosed sexual harm. Layla is worried and scared that Child Safety officers will not listen to her and will make a decision and force her to live with her mother again. Layla does not wish to have contact with her mother, does not want her mother to know where she is, or what she looks like now. Layla is worried that her mother or one of her friends will come and take her if they know these things.”

“Child safety is worried that should Deborah continue to consume alcohol, there will be a significant risk to Layla due to a demonstrated long standing pattern of alcohol misuse impacting on Deborah’s behavior and her ability to make good decisions about who is safe to be around Layla. This includes inadequate supervision, exposure to violence or the impacts of violence in her mother’s household and exposure to inappropriate behaviors by others whilst consuming alcohol to excess.”

“Child safety is worried that Deborah will expose Layla to violence towards others as Deborah has been violent to others in the past and this has led to criminal charges including grievous bodily harm and domestic violence orders where Deborah has been the respondent. Child safety and the paternal family are worried that Layla would be at risk of sexual abuse in her mother’s care because she is living with Steven Robson who Layla disclosed as one of the men present when she was sexually assaulted. The paternal family are worried that this remains unresolved legally and that no one has ever faced charges as a result of Layla’s disclosures to Logan CPIU at the time.”

It was also mentioned at the meeting, that this could be a great example for the Australian Federal Police, learning how to do things differently. The Respect in bringing everyone to the table regarding future recoveries and how to best address these recoveries in a culturally appropriate and safe way. It was also asked by the AFP if it was OK to use this case as a case study without mentioning names, this is great cultural learning for the AFP ( a photo of all in attendance was taken with permission).

The truth is, Chapman had absolutely nothing to do with Layla being found or anything to do with this case like he falsely claimed on his Facebook page, besides harassing and threatening the father and his family. When the father met with authorities, this was when facts and evidence was provided to the AFP and CPIU, who were very apologetic to the father over the situation. They realized they had screwed up in this case. Layla was fit, healthy and well educated. It is without doubt and with undisputed evidence, that Layla was being sexually abused by her mother, Deborah and her associate paedophile boyfriends. We have gone through the documentation and find it horrific to read. The mother had swinger parties at her house, where they would strip 6 year old Layla naked, and give her drugs and alcohol, while taking nude photos of Layla, before sexually abusing her. The length of her abuse is not known. The family are certain the sexual abuse was happening before Layla was 6.

Layla has named, to the authorities, the numerous men who sexually abused her in the presence of her mother, including the current servicing Queensland Police Detective John Flanagan.  Kudda made multiple attempts to report the sexual abuse of his daughter, but Queensland police and CPIU always ignored the father and subsequently Layla always went back to the abuse of multiple men, in her mothers care. There is without doubt, complete neglect and covering up of Layla’s abuse by the QPS. Below are Layla’s views and wishes recorded during the investigation, read for yourself points 43 above and down to point 44 below.

Now, we will not go into to much more details because, this is a massive story that needs exposing all the way to the top with a full Senate inquiry. Why has the QPS hidden and protected these paedophiles? Why did Child Safety who promised Layla they would help, but instead stop her talking in the interview? Why is there no investigation into these named paedophiles? AFP confirmed it was the job of the QPS to investigate. Layla’s police interview where she names her abusers including a Queensland police officer, was sanctioned by the Queensland Police Commissioner himself, not allowing the interview into the family court case. WHY?? CPIU officers based in Logan, were ordered to ‘stop’ the investigation, after Layla named and identified her abusers in the taped police interviews. The police officer who has been abusing her for years along with her mother, was clearly identified by Layla to officers in the CPIU, but no further action has been taken to this date!

My team and I deal with child abuse in many countries and I am honestly embarrassed to see facts, that this is happening in Australia. I am telling you something stinks in the case and the QPS have a lot to answer to. Layla unfortunately is not the only child who the Australian authorities have blatantly allowed to be abused, because simply they do not give a toss about the children.

This is the same paedophile police officer along with Layla’s mother, that Chapman was trying to get Layla back to. Why? I know why!!

When this paedophile police officer John Flanagan, who abused Layla found out he was being named by Layla as one of her abusers, he traveled outside his police jurisdiction to an aboriginal community in Woorabinda looking for Layla and her father Kudda. He was written up by supervisors for going outside his jurisdiction. Kudda and Layla were not found, but this scumbag officer (child abuser) took Kudda’s computer and other property with him. The most amazing thing is, this same officer (I hate using the word officer with this paedophile) actually interviewed Layla himself at the police station in Bundaberg.

Simply unbelievable that this was even allowed!! During the interview the John Flanagan even showed Layla child pornography images on a computer, asking Layla is this you in the images being abused by your father!! Layla clearly stated no, and was very upset at being shown these type of images. This is a paedophile police officer using his authority to try and have Layla’s father named as her abuser to cover the fact, this officer is the real child abuser. This sexual predator is targeting children in the aboriginal communities.

I also have solid information that Colin Chapman is being investigated by the AFP agents who handled this case, and we along with the family of Layla, hope he is brought down once and for all.

This is a clear case of a father with everyone against him, just trying to protect his child from evil. A paedophile ring that includes individuals in important positions. A case of a young sexually abused child continually ignored by authorities, but strong enough to continue to speak the truth, until her father took action himself to protect her from further abuse. Judge for yourself who’s right and wrong but the facts and evidence seen by myself, is undisputed. The QPS need to answer questions. There needs to be a full inquiry into Layla’s abuse and the paedophiles involved in abusing Layla must be exposed and brought to justice before they abuse other children.

There is so much documentation in the abuse of Layla. Layla has personally expressed that she wants those who abused her brought to justice, but feels every time she speaks the doors are slammed in her face.

So lets break down some facts among all this information.

Layla has been sexually and mentally abused by and in the presence of her mother since a very young age (before 6). Her mother is part of a swingers group, which had sexual parties that involved men abusing, taking naked pictures and sexually doing anything they wanted with Layla. Father Kudda can not let his daughter be abused anymore after multiple attempts of reporting Layla’s abuse to the authorities, he takes Layla with one of his sisters for her own protection. Media called it a Parental Abduction as Colin Chapman feds them with lies as he goes on another one of his media campaigns attacking the father and protecting the abusive mother and her paedophile boyfriends.

Layla was promised by Child Safety that if she name her abusers they would act. Child Safety stopped Layla speaking as she was telling them about her abusers. Child Safety as usual are pathetic and need to be looked into for Layla’s case along with hundreds of other abused children they are blatantly ignoring.

AFP are fully supporting Layla and her family. AFP confirm it’s the remit of the QPS to open an investigation into Layla’s abuse, not the AFP.

QPS have neglected Layla and her families reports of abuse by sweeping this case of blatant child abuse under the table.

Layla is now safe and well in the care, and legal custody of her father and his paternal sisters. Layla is very determined to have those who abused her brought to justice.

If it wasn’t for Layla’s father Kudda, and her tribal family members fighting against everyone who didn’t believe Kudda, Layla would be given back to a dark secret world of paedophiles and abuse. AFP and Child Safety have all apologized to Layla and her family for their mistakes.

Kudda you are a true hero!!

I also would like to make it very clear that as an ex police officer, I have every respect for the uniform and institution, but not for those who take advantage of their position and the trust of the community, while they wear the uniform to abuse children.

I will have Kudda and some of paternal sisters on my new podcast coming soon. You will hear this story unedited from their own mouths.

You have our full support Layla and Project Rescue Children will continue to push for your justice. As a result the paedophile ring involved in this case are now making threats and propaganda about and towards PRC. Good luck with that!

We along with the family kindly ask that those who are against child abuse to share this blog to everyone you know. We as parents and as a community can not turn a blind eye any longer to cases of abuse like Layla’s and other children. The amount of documentation involved in this case is overwhelming. If I added all of it you’ll still be readying after 6 months.

Layla’s story is not finished by a long shot with QPS making every effort to push Layla’s case forward to bring those paedophiles to justice.

Update 10 May 2019: 2 arrests have been made. More being investigated. There is a paedophile ring connected to Layla’s abuse. Layla is being supported now by all those involved in the investigation of her sexual abuse. More information released soon.

Update 23 February 2020: Colin Chapman with Layla’s abusive mother Debbie who has been ordered by a judge to stay away from Layla, have been seen together and confirmed by video recording and a building maintenance man, outside the premises of Layla. Chapman is now being investigated to his involvement, including that of sexually abusing Layla with the other paedophiles. Only a matter of time…

We can also confirm, Chapman is now making direct threats and harassing one of Layla’s custodian Aunties who is also a member of our charity, Project Rescue Children. To try and discredit PRC work Chapman is also now spreading more propaganda as he does best, this time about our charity. Our lawyers will soon deal with this parasite child abuser AGAIN.

(This blog has been checked and authorized by Layla’s family to confirm all is factual. They along with Layla, only want the truth to be told, and those who sexually abused Layla brought to justice)

Adam Whittington

CEO/Founder – CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International & PRC – Project Rescue Children.