Sweden & Australia Parental Child Abduction

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International have seen in recent years the relationship between Australia and Sweden both make fairly swift return orders as well as enforcement in both countries. This is good news for left behind parents who have their children abducted between these two countries.

That’s not to say things are within the 6 week time frame stipulated in The Hague Convention, but both countries are considered having good reputations with complying with The Hague Convention.

We are working on cases both for Swedish and Australian clients. The Swedish UD who takes care of Swedish abduction cases are helpful and willing to assist Swedish abducted children in foreign countries.

Unfortunately, like in most countries lawyers continue to support kidnapping parents. We know numerous including one particular lawyer in Sweden who has assisted against Swedish law, in hiding a Swedish mother who kidnapped her children from Australia illegally. This lawyer refused to inform authorities in Sweden where the mother and children were. A well known woman’s group who receive government funding each year known in Sweden to help hide mothers in custody disputes were also involved. This is the article relating to that particular abduction:


Swedish authorities did eventually find the children and return them to Australia under The Hague Convention. Lawyers like this need to be held accountable as they clearly break laws in adding and abetting fugitive kidnappers.

The Central Authorities in both Sweden and Australia do push through Hague Convention applications faster then many other signatory countries. A lack of corruption in both countries does assist in making the process more fluid then others. Other countries need to follow Australia and Sweden’s lead.


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