When police get it all wrong and help abusers in International Parental Child Abduction

Domestic Violence in Parental Child Abduction is very real and very dangerous. There are also many cases of false allegation that get thrown around like a tennis match as both parents fight to win the popularity race and ultimately custody. Authorities do not take DV seriously and as a result DV victims are the number one cause of deaths in many countries including the UK.

We have been doing this job now just over 19 years and have seen everything you can imagine. We are sometimes used by left behind parents who think we are expandable who will lie to us just to get us to help recover their children’s en. This is why our vetting process is vital before we accept any job. We have now refused to help 7 parents after we found they had been abusing their ex partner or children, which in turn forced them to flee. The worst case is one we have highlighted in the past.

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Well this case is about to hit the media again. A case with so much evidence of Domestic Violence by professional, medical persons and authorities in the UK. Even the UK police investigating this case have all the DV evidence on their desk. They know Yuri Vasylkivskyy is a violent criminal.

But out of complete craziness a UK police prosecutor has just recently pushed Interpol to issued a EAW (European Arrest Warrant) for the mother who fled years of DV with the child. This same mother who was kidnapped recently herself by a criminal gang in the Ukraine and held in a car for half a day, in order for the abusive coward father to have time to kidnap the child from daycare. This is why we are speaking out. No one will speak out, as a young child’s life is destroyed at the hands of a crazy psychopath parent.

Fortunately, Ukraine armed police intercepted the criminal gang after being tipped off as they held the mother in the car. There is currently a criminal trial under way in Ukraine for the kidnapping of the mother and attempted kidnapping of the child x2 all ordered by Yuri. Unfortunately, the abusive father Yuri Vasylkivskyy quickly fled the Ukraine like the coward he is in fear of being arrested, see below immigration records. Below picture of a Ukraine police line up with kidnapping suspect Yuri Vasylkivskyy bottom left.

Below two pictures are of Ukraine immigration records showing every entry Yuri Vasylkivskyy has made in and out of the Ukraine before and during kidnapping attempts, proving he was in the Ukraine the time of the attempted kidnappings of the child and kidnapping of the mother by the criminals he paid. Yuri entered the day before as highlighted by police and as highlighted exited hours after his goons were arrested.

Despite all this and arrest warrants for the father in the Ukraine, the UK prosecutor wants the mother back in the UK. The mother on her way to a business trip this week was stopped by passport officers in Paris due to a recent EAW.

48 hours later the mother faced a judge who was to give the order to extradite her to the UK, but instead the judge has done the right decision and bailed the mother pending a trial in a couple of weeks. The tonnes of DV evidence will be presented to the court in order to convince the judge that the mother fled the UK in 2017 for her and the child’s safety and it will not be safe for the mother to be extradited considering her life has been threatened by her ex, Yuri Vasylkivskyy. The judge will also need to consider the situation now for the young innocent child who is without mother or father.

Threats to kill by Yuri with his fake social media profiles are a common theme for this coward who beats woman. He has been caught creating numerous fake profiles by authorities who traced these profiles back to his location. A very dangerous, angry, narcissistic and psychotic person.

Is this a case of the father paying to get what he wants again? Think for once of your child you idiot! Your child now has no parent. We can tell you Yuri your child is safe and protected by Ukraine authorities, others and CARI. You’re more than welcome to come to the Ukraine!! Your goon criminal mates you paid £80,000 GBP are going to prison for a long time and you will also. Only a matter of time.

We can also tell you, your child will not be returning to the UK, that we promise you, regardless if the mother is extradited. Morons like you who beat women think your cash can buy anyone and anything.

Any other parent who thinks it’s ok to beat your partner for years and then play the victim after they flee, while you try and use CARI, think again. We will do everything in our power to protect any parent and child who are real victims of DV.

We will keep you posted on events. A big thanks to our very good friends in the Ukraine police and immigration departments for your assistance as well as helping protect this innocent child caught up in a horrible situation at no fault of her own.