Parental Child Abduction Frauds

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Eric Kalmus – Uses the identity ‘ABP World Group’ fraudulently. There is now no ABP World Group after he took the name in a hostile take over from it’s original founder. He has not recovered a single child. Beware of him as he is in almost every Facebook page or group associated with International Parental Child Abduction. He lies to parents he works with the FBI. He is also involved with CRN (The Japanese Children’s Rights Network) Japan. Both identities he uses to take advantage of vulnerable left behind parents. This guy has been so cocky in his scams he even started his own website promoting himself as a Child Recovery Expert and Child Abduction Advocate……unbelievable!!!

Eric was the one who thought he was smart to start the hate campaign against CARI in 2018, after one of his victims contacted CARI about what he did and we helped expose him.

This is our legal teams letter to maggot Kalmus:

This is the victims statement who was scammed by Eric Kalmus & Aaron Todd:

Eric is being sued by CARI and our CEO in a California court. Since we started our lawsuit against Eric for defamation among things, he has tried every trick in the book along with his uneducated dumb ass attorney to get himself out of the mess he caused. Unfortunately for this fraud we are not like others who will back down. So in true conman style, Eric has now submitted a name change to the court:

and recently filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying us a large compensation.

He has also changed his Facebook page name from Eric Kalmus to ‘Eric Incalifornia’.

Eric also is assisted by other trolls like Loz Gough in the UK who is funny enough Donya Al Nahi’s good friend. These screen shots given to us by a parent who has been scammed showing even 14 September 2019 that Eric Kalmus is still at it scamming parents with help from Loz Gough in closed groups like the one of thousands below:

Kalmus uses his pride and joy ‘Rip-off Report’ a website notorious for scammers to post defamatory and hate speech on. Kalmus has attacked just about everyone in this industry. Below are messages from a concerned parent to another reputable child recovery specialist who was also at the receiving end of the fraud squads slander. Read what Guatavo Zamora has to say:

Victim parents are willing to talk to you for above confirmation.  Eric states he is a specialist in child recovery especially in Mexico. The only specialty he is good at in Mexico is eating Tacos. We have a recording where he calls our CEO asking CARI to do work for him and what to charge parents. He states he has never done a recovery and wouldn’t. He advised our CEO to do the same and let others go out and do the work while he takes a cut. Coward Coward Coward. We have met some real scumbags in our lives but all of the team at CARI agree, Eric Kalmus is in the top 5. Soon we will release our blog about our lawsuit, it’s going to be a cracker.



Colin Chapman – who really is #ColinChapman read this blog:

A true maggot among maggots, in 2016 after sabotaging our Lebanon recovery our legal team wrote to him demanding he stop and remove the wave of defamation he had and was posting online. See our legal letter below. Note, within 2 hours of receiving this letter everything was removed offline.

Uses only his Facebook page ‘Child Recovery – Chapman’ to continue to fool parents into believing he is a child recovery agent when in fact there are countless parents who can confirm who he really is and what he does. The likes he receives are bought with one or two real people who he keeps inside his fake Facebook page fantasy land. Colin Chapman is a violent, drug using, psychotic criminal who has countless charges for domestic abuse against his partners, drugs and theft. In 2012 he was charged and convicted in a Brisbane court for Fraud. His mysterious brother BRIAN, who he tells everyone disappeared, lives in Melbourne and just recently (2018) was also charged and convicted in court for FRAUD. Colin uses Brian’s name to sign off on emails, to keep Colin’s name out of a scam. Their father George Chapman will confirm everything about these two outcasts. No one in the family want anything to do with them due to their lies and criminal activities. Brian apparently disappeared, but changed his name in Melbourne. Colin uses Brian’s ANZ bank account for people to pay into, avoiding tax. These two scammers sell fake documents to vulnerable people and criminals. These are screenshots of conversations from Brain’s mobile phone to Col (Colin):

George Chapman also confirms Colin took George’s brand new BMW car for a drive, destroyed it by pouring acid over the whole car and then accused our CEO who was on the other side of the planet. Just look at the heartbreak on George’s face, while scumbag stands next to his own father knowing he did it himself, then gets it into the local newspaper!!!

Chapman even made a false police report about this, after we exposed him for being a fraud and he knowing our CEO was coming to Australia for TV interviews, so he wanted to have our CEO arrested on arrival. More fantasy land from this scum.

Also has his dirty fingers in this Facebook page with Pat ‘Pensioner’ Desmond.

Do not be fooled like many inexperienced Australian journalist, by what comes out of his mouth. A convicted fraud and a life of crime, with numerous times being locked up in Juvenile detention and jail. Police reports show this paedophile sexually abusing his own daughters in the shower.

Of course we do not state things in public unless it is true and we have seen evidence. As you can clearly see from this part of a report below. This is part of the CPIU (Child Protection Investigation Unit) interview of Colin Chapman’s sexual abuse to his two daughters, including Saria his oldest, recorded in Nambour Police Station, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. This is what Chapman has been trying to hide for years. He is also connected to countless cases where he works for paedophile parents trying to abduct kids back to the paedophiles.

Some parts below have been blanked out, but if you read carefully you can fill in the blanks, including where Colin Chapman‘s name goes. “Hour long showers with his two daughters, using his penis to show the girls have to clean their private parts. Then he spends up to 3 hours lecturing the girls and demanding his oldest girl Saria, not to tell anyone what they are discussing/doing. The information recorded in the child protection history indicates that there have been significant concerns that (blank) physically abused the child”

He is a coward who loves to assault woman. His own father has come forward and spoken to us (all recorded over phone) to confirm how discussed he is and what a prolific liar Colin is. His own father confirmed the domestic abuse to woman, drug abuse and suspicious behaviour towards his own children. These paragraph below are some of many that show what he does to his partners:

The evidence is everywhere on this scumbag, but journalists do zero due diligence.

Chapman is a master manipulator and will hang you by the neck if his ship is going down as he has done to countless parents including the one and only person to ever work for him. He will travel to the country if you are lucky, but he will tell you it’s too hard to recover your child or state he cannot find them, while he is in a taxi on his way to the airport to go home, leaving you stranded. Many parents and ex college are more than happy to confirm this frauds tactics. He desperately tries to get into any media publication, just so he can use that in the future to promote himself. Just look at his Facebook page, full of old untrue publications that only he promotes then bans anyone who questions his posts.

This is the man who sabotaged our Lebanon recovery after he lost the job, due to the mother being suspicious of him. In retaliation when we recovered the two children and had them safe in a safe house ready for extraction by boat, and after it was in the Lebanese media, Chapman emailed directly to the father to look for CARI operatives. We have these emails he sent including undisputed evidence showing his sabotage.

– The recovery took place at 2.30pm AEST (7.30am Lebanon time) see the below 2 emails that was sent from Australia by Colin Chapman to Ali Elimane (kidnapping father) the first at 5.35pm AEST (10.35am Lebanon time) a mere 3 hours after the recovery, approximately 4 hours before our CEO’s arrest (around 2.30pm Lebanon time) AND approximately 15 hours before the news of our arrest broke in Australia. You can clearly see in black and white below in the email chain from CARI’s source to a CARI operative (while our CEO was still being detained) a “competitor” was solely responsible for the tip off.

He then went on his usual media campaign including selling text messages to Australia media to gain money at the mothers expense. In 2016 our legal team successfully removed approximately 26 news, radio and TV interviews offline all of which used this scumbag as their source for defamation and slander. This scumbag paedophile is also in the top 5 of worst ever conman. He should not be allowed near children and if you seen the police reports of his abuse including Domestic Violence Orders against him by courts from two different partners and sexual abuse to children you would understand why.

The list of things Colin Chapman has done to people is beyond belief. He is under investigation by the AFP Australian Federal Police in relation to Layla Leisha’s sexual abuse case, where he worked for free for the paedophile parent trying to return Layla to the, now we know a paedophile ring.



Donya Al Nahi – Based in the UK but tells everyone she lives in Egypt. Not only does she scam parents, usually mothers who’s children are taken to Middle Eastern countries because she proclaims to be a converted Muslim. Donya has been exposed countless times by parents, but Donya continues to use secret and closed Facebook groups to manipulate parents, to attack parents who expose her and CARI of course. Donya first came to light with her scams after taking thousands of dollars off a British mother whose child was abducted to Turkey.

In 2015, Donya does what she does best, harassment, stalking, defaming and threatening anyone who dares expose her truth by starting hate campaigns online. Below you can see yourself our legal stance. Within hours of receiving our letter below and calling our legal team crying on the phone as she blamed others for her childish behaviour, she removed all defamation she posted online:

Look at the conversation below when a UK mother first found out Donya scammed her for 10,000 GBP. Donya was telling the mother she went to turkey and found her son BUT was in fact in Paris with the mothers money on a holiday with the man in this below conversation. This man felt sorry for the mother when he knew what Donya was doing and contacted this poor mum.

But Donya doesn’t only scam parents she scams men, including a man she married from Bahrain, used him to take all his money then left him. She scammed 75,000 GBP from this man for a fake business deal. See emails from Donya confirming the agreement and her to pay the loan back:

We have the victim to confirm this and more with undisputed evidence (picture above provided by victim) that will shock you.

We have a full conversation of Donya inside her own apartment where she tries to scam a vulnerable mother who’s child was abducted. This mother did not trust Donya so secretly recorded their first meeting just in case. Well we have it and it confirms everything we say. A real nasty narcissistic person. Do not be fooled by the fact she has a book in a few different languages that she uses to trick parents (usually vulnerable mothers) to believe she is super woman. We also have information which shows the story she wrote about in the book was a set up with the mother who along with the so called abducting father, were all in on it just to make money off her book. They created a fake abduction and recovery to profit of a book.


Patrick John Desmond – Currently using Lincolnshire Private Investigation and now in partnership with Jay Jordan both running ‘PEGASUS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS’.

Uses this Facebook page below to scam parents along with #ColChapmanChildRecovery Fraud.

for his scams as well as Child Recovery Europe (CRE),

but no doubt that name will change. He hides in Belgium, telling parents his wife is an Embassy official. Another fantasy from this pensioner. When you contact CRE, he calls himself in emails John Wilson or John Williamson and tells parents he has offices in Spain and UK. He started this tactic after his name was exposed as a fraud. See below… it’s Patrick John Desmond using a fake name.

REALLY Pat Desmond!! You just keep getting exposed and changing names of your company over and over and over again. People only need to look at the UK company register, idiot.

Not recovered a single child.

We have also been notified by parents, Desmond has now joined with Jay Jordan of Pegasus Private Investigation. Both Desmond and Jordan are now advertising under false pretenses of not charging parents. Instead, they are advertising using a modus operandi, of raising money for recoveries. Please do not be fooled by this scamming tactic. They will never raise money adequately for a safe and successful recovery. Jordan and Desmond are now also claiming, everyone in this industry takes large amounts of money from parents. Unbelievable. This is nothing but an advertising and marketing scam by these two jokers and something which reputable recovery agencies will vouch for. CARI and two others organisations in this industry can confirm this new MO tactic is rubbish.

Interestingly, Jay worked with Eric Kalmus and Aaron Todd at ABP World Group. ABP World Group no longer exists, after Eric was exposed taking over ABP from it’s original founder illegally. An investigation in relation to numerous offences was being carried out by Norwegian Police against Eric. Fraud Eric Kalmus even recently wrote a reference to Jay’s company ‘Pegasus Child Recovery’, now changed name to ‘Pegasus Private Investigation.’ Says it all really, an absolute circus.

Pegasus is now proclaiming to be a ‘not for profit’ charity raising funds to recover children, all rubbish to attract vulnerable parents to be fooled. Pegasus is not a registered charity or company in any country.

We have countless messages from Jay himself, confirming he is fully aware of all these individuals named in this blog, including his new partner in crime Patty, scamming parents. We have messages from Jay stating CARI is the only legitimate organisation. He also congratulates us on recoveries and basically begs CARI to give him work. Not made up, all in messages we have. Jay also confirmed, that all these frauds try continuously to put down CARI, with false allegations to cover the frauds actions, but here Jay is now associated and in partnership with them!!! …. Absolute snakes the lot of them.

You see, if we don’t expose these muppets for who they really are, we are just as bad as them for allowing them too do it.

Don’t believe us. Read below messages from Jay to our CEO. Jay’s messages are in white. Jay wanted to partner with CARI, but after we found out he was dipping his fingers in with the frauds, we immediately cut of all communication with Jay:

They are all connected and pass vulnerable parents to each other taking their cut. Below is the unregistered and unregulated company both Desmond Jordan now use:

Pat Desmond is posting blogs and running the Facebook page of Pegasus Investigations, but writes in emails using a fake name, that Pat Desmond is retired. Proof below he is connected, not retired and still scamming vulnerable parents:

This below is Desmond’s number also associated with CRE.

The number below used by CRE on their emails. Very similar yes!

You will pay a small fee, that you think is great and cheap, then Desmond will ask for a bigger amount once he says he’s in the country doing surveillance, just like he recently did to an American father, whose child is kidnapped in Poland. If you email CRE and make inquiries about Patrick Desmond, the reply will be Patrick is now retired from child recovery and no longer works for CRE. It’s Patrick Desmond replying to you!!

Please read this link from another source who exposed Desmond and his fraud partner Tim Wade. Google Tim Wade and you’ll know who he is. You will read information from a scammed fathers attorney

A true scumbag Desmond, who has been exposed countless times in the UK after scamming parents. He has multiple business names opened and closed each time he gets exposed he changes company names. He will have you pay into his fake company Lincolnshire Private Investigations in order to keep his real name Patrick Desmond off everything. This scammer goes so low as to take parents money, then stop all communication and uses his wife to tell his victims via WhatsApp that he has had a heart attack and can’t be contacted.

One very close associate to Patty can also confirm, Desmond has never had a heart attack and it was a scam. Pat as he calls himself online, is directly associated with notorious British conman Tim Wade. They even had a company registered in the UK together. Numerous victims are happy to tell you their story, including a Portuguese and two French fathers, of being scammed by Pat Desmond and his fake companies. He took 6000 from a UK mother whose boys were kidnapped to Russia. He did nothing and after the mother got her boys back with Russian authorities, she threatened Patty to return her money or she’ll tell the media. He returned the money only after that. Countless documentation on this cockroaches scams.


HSSE Global

(picture coming) Aaron Todd – Uses HSSE Child Recovery Services based in Cyprus. Despite his claims on his website of 23 recoveries, he has not carried out 1 single recovery (fact). He refuses to answer parents messages about showing proof of his 23 recoveries.

Uses material and text from our CARI website to create his own. Clients have shown us this jokers procedures and it’s 99% identical to our own! Not only does he scam parents he copies everything CARI does to make himself look professional. Aaron and Eric Kalmus were partners in crime scamming parents since 2016 using the fake identity of ABP World Group.

One victim alone was a US father who lost $54,000 to theses cockroaches. Aaron and Eric fell out over money of all things, so Aaron opened HSSE in Cyprus to continue scamming parents. Aaron was also involved with Eric in taking the whole pension off a father in Norway with their scams. Confirmation from victims of Aaron can be contacted for above verification.


When you put all these clowns together you create the awesome ‘Fraud Squad’ who couldn’t get themselves out of a wet paper bag, let alone recover a child.

Yes, we are very outspoken about the above names, because we are the ones that the victims come to for help after they are scammed. You pay for what you get in life and that includes these above douche bags who will charge you a very cheap figure knowing you will pay it and they will do no work. There are other recovery organisations who know what is going on but don’t have the balls to speak out about the frauds…..

Anyone who knows what these above scumbags are doing, and don’t speak out, are just as bad as the fraud squad for allowing other parents to be scammed. Anyone who has a reference or testimony from any of the above is also to beware of as they pass each other giving kick backs to each other from your money. You’ll find ever single name on this blog are all connected.

You want to scam parents you will be added to the clown list above. You can clearly see the pattern of what these frauds try and do with their defamation online. They absolutely hate anyone exposing them, and their only defense is to try and discredit the exposer by defaming them.

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International is the absolute only organisation that is legitimate, registered, successful and passionate about helping left behind parents and their children. Many copy CARI and some state they are affiliated with CARI…

No one has a successful track record like CARI, which is easily proven by our countless past clients. We have failed in 2 recoveries in 19 years, one was sabotaged by Chapman and the second was due to our client not providing all the truth into their case, which subsequently stopped the operation after we recovered the child safely.

CARI are the only ones who actually get on the ground and help our clients. No one else does anything besides having fancy websites but hey…… don’t come to us and say you didn’t know after you get scammed. If CARI make a mistake these frauds are all over it trying their best to attack us in the media, knowing full well they never leave their front doors to help parents.

Every statement in this blog can be verified as true and accurate.