Domestic Violence in Parental Child Abduction

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When the ‘Left Behind Parent’ is really an Abusive Violent Individual


Domestic Violence in Parental Child Abduction

We have stated this numerous times in the past and we stand by what we do, and who we support. CARI – Child Abduction Recovery InternationalCARI – Child Abduction Recovery International has absolutely zero tolerance for Domestic Violence against mothers, fathers or children and is one reason why we take our vetting of clients extremely seriously. We will assist victims of domestic violence, without hesitation if it’s proven to CARI there is Domestic Violence involved. We will assist in contacting the authorities, providing evidence to assist in your case.

Below is a true and accurate account of what some violent individual abusers are like and the lengths they will go, to continue their Domestic Violence in a Parental Child Abduction case. Immediately after this mother fled her abusive husband with their child, within weeks this abuser had paid for a Ukraine woman to come to the UK, to which no doubt she is being abused also. The below case is ongoing and very very real.

Yuri D

April 3, 2018 ex wife of the above abuser Yuri Vasylkivskyy was dropping her daughter off at day care in Kiev Ukraine, when a strange man approached her stating, he was from the police and she needed to come with him to his car and if she didn’t her daughter could be in danger. The mother followed instructions and went to the strangers car, where he admitted that her ex husband, the above Yuri Vasylkivskyy had promised to pay this criminal and his associates 80,000 GBP, to kill her and get her child, so Yuri could take her back to the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for Yuri, the criminals had no intention of killing this mother, and told her they only wanted the money Yuri promised them, and that if she listened to instructions her child and herself wouldn’t be harmed. She was instructed not to call police or her daughter would be harmed. He gave instructions that the following day his criminal gang in a black car, would take her (kidnap), until Yuri went to the day care and picked up the child. The mother would be released once Yuri was out of the Ukraine with the child.

The mother did call the police that night and the serious crime squad was put in charge instructing the mother to go along with the criminals plans. The police would have cars everywhere watching and waiting. The next morning a squad of detectives met the mother and set listening devices on her covertly. The mother dropped off her daughter as usual to daycare, and was then met by the criminals who put her in their car and drove off. The criminals then contacted Yuri who was now in Kiev ready to take his daughter. Little did he know that the mothers brother was also in Kiev and picked up the child before Yuri.

The mother was held for 6 hours in the car driving around all of Kiev waiting for instructions for Yuri. The mother at one stage tried to get out, but was forcibly stopped leaving the car and forced to sit still. The mother eventually jumped out of the vehicle and ran away. Shortly after the police swooped in, arresting 3 men who had kidnapped the mother. Yuri immediately left Ukraine very quickly once he knew his plans where messed up. He did manage to return to the UK.

The criminals hired by Yuri were arrested and currently still in prison pending their trials. There is currently a criminal investigation into Yuri and the men he hired to kidnap and kill his ex wife. Chief prosecutor in Kiev will soon have an arrest warrant for Yuri to be extradited back to Ukraine to face his crimes, which among the other very serious crimes, includes entering and exiting Ukraine illegally.

Unbelievably, the abusive, coward and dumb criminal Yuri Vasylkivskyy, is trying to have this loving and caring mother arrested and extradited back to the UK, by Hertfordshire Police for kidnapping the child from the UK. There will be absolute outrage if the UK police assist this criminal and serial abuser, who hired someone to kidnap and kill his ex wife. There is also another police report against Yuri in another country for threats to kill, harassment and stalking to another individual.

We for one will contact every media outlet we know, to expose the real story.

Below are just a few documents supporting the Domestic Abuse the mother received. The more we look into this case the more concerned we are for the mother and child’s safety. Yuri Vasylkivsky is a violent and psychotic coward, who needs to be arrested and put in jail for what he has done.

This link:

is a link to a YouTube channel set up by the mothers friend to expose the truth about the abuser. If you are in the UK 🇬🇧 you can only view the audio videos IF YOU CHANGE YOUR ‘VPN’. The abuser blocked this channel from being viewed in the UK so Social Services and the UK court did not see them. The content is shocking. It’s in Ukraine language with English text. If you have time watch these videos as there’s a few, some very short, but all clearly show the mental and physical abuse the mother was subject to. Judge for yourself.

No one would believe the mother as the abuser charmed everyone with his multi personality.

UPDATE 1 JANUARY 2019. In the last week the father has again sent criminals in Ukraine to try and illegally kidnap the child from her daycare center. Another failed attempt and more material the Ukraine police will be using to prosecute the father. We have inside information from the Ukraine police dealing with this case that the father will soon have a EAW (Europe Arrest Warrant) for among other criminal offences, Kidnapping and hiring criminals to murder his wife. We hope he will be arrested in the UK and extradited back to the Ukraine to face charges. He continues desperately to have the mother arrested and hire criminals in the Ukraine to do his dirty work. This will not happen in the Ukraine as the authorities have seen enough evidence of the fathers psychotic and violent behavior.  Social Services in the Ukraine have just recently ordered the mother to have full custody in light of the fathers illegal and violent attempts to kidnap the child. The fathers parental responsibility will soon be striped off him. 

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InkedYuri DV_LI

Domestic Violence can not be taken lightly, because it can have catastrophic consequences for victims involved and their children. Carrying out research of our own, in the first three months of 2018, 15 women, their children and relatives were murdered in one Canadian city by men they knew. While upsetting, this trend is not surprising to us with our experience working in different police forces. A woman in Canada is killed every six days by an intimate partner or family member. In the majority of these cases, months or years of physical, emotional and financial abuse and control preceded their deaths.

While this is only one case of thousands, disbelief or indifference directed at survivors and disregard for the risk women face when leaving violent relationships is a disheartening and routine element of family law cases. CARI Child Abduction Recovery International with ex police operatives having years of experience, can without doubt state that the number one statistic involved in murder rates across the world is from Domestic Violence. It was the reason why the UK police changed its policy for police officers attending Domestic Violence calls. The abusive party must now be taken away by police in an attempt to try and lower the murder rates caused from Domestic Violence.

These statistics can not be ignored by family courts or authorities. We hope that the future cases like above will open doors to create suitable jurisprudence for women who experienced violence and their children in convention cases. Social Services who deal with many of these cases, need a good kick up the ass. Social Services are a disgrace in most cases and are the reason why many children and victim parents are continually abused.

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence please get help! Do not be scared to call police who will put you in contact with the relevant support groups and or assistance as needed. Report and log everything in a dairy with as much evidence, pictures etc as possible.

Posted at request of mother.