When the ‘Left Behind Parent’ is really an Abusive Violent Individual…

CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International have now recovered safely over 200 children back to their habitual residence. Every case documented with photos and video we do not release to the public.

We have seen and heard every story and allegation under the sun from both mothers and fathers. Once thing we are very strict on is Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence. We have had parents come to us for help knowing that they have abused both mentally and physically either their partner or children or both. They do a good job trying to hide it from CARI Child Abduction Recovery International in order for us to help them. As we have said one hundred times we are the only organisation that actually screens our clients as best we can before we accept any case.

In a recent case of a UK/Ukraine father whose daughter was taken to the Ukraine by the mother, after we actually started for this client doing months of documented surveillance and finding the mother and child, we received disturbing information by authorities about our clients abuse to the abducting parent…..we terminated our agreement immediately with this client. We have since gathered more information from the mother, which verifies the abuse she received from this particular father, including financial matters not limiting to, none payment of child support. A real class act of a parent this father is and very similar to the child abusive father Andrew Laws, who’s criminal record is as long as the Nile River.

(Andrew Laws abused his wife including, but not limited to breaking her nose after punching her (documents from Newcastle police prove this) and sexually abused his daughter before the mother ran away for her and her daughters own safely. This is undisputable. Laws is also on record wanting to shoot his ex wife and is connected directly to the fraud squad).

After we terminated our agreement with this abusive father, he thinks it’s funny to join social media including Twitter, with fake accounts usually under the name of ‘Peter’, defaming CARI with defamatory links to pages set up by the fraud squad, (Eric Kalmus, Colin Chapman, Pat Desmond, Aaron Todd). A recent subpoena from a judge in our lawsuit for defamation has revealed this muppets fake Twitter account he uses, thanks to Twitter for providing the relevant account details including IP address.

We can now one hundred percent confirm his name is not ‘Peter’ or whatever other aliases this idiot uses, it’s actually Yuri Vasylkivskyy from Ukraine, but now living in the UK.


A so called Director, with a demonstrated history of abusing his ex partner and mother to his child, hiding behind his pretty bow tie and tuxedo. An aggressive and abusive man who loves nothing more then to make threats to everyone, especially women…….a true coward. A classic internet troll, keyboard warrior and online bully. A vile and disgusting parent like Yuri, who’s ex partner has run away with her daughter in fear of her’s and her daughters life. 

We have spoken to the mother and know she and her daughter are safe and well.

UPDATE 1 JANUARY 2019. In the last week the father has again sent criminals in Ukraine to try and illegally kidnap the child from her daycare center. Another failed attempt and more material the Ukraine police will be using to prosecute the father. We have inside information from the Ukraine police dealing with this case that the father will soon have a EAW (Europe Arrest Warrant) for among other criminal offences, Kidnapping and hiring criminals to murder his wife. We hope he will be arrested in the UK and extradited back to the Ukraine to face charges. He continues desperately to have the mother arrested and hire criminals in the Ukraine to do his dirty work. This will not happen in the Ukraine as the authorities have seen enough evidence of the fathers psychotic and violent behavior.  Social Services in the Ukraine have just recently ordered the mother to have full custody in light of the fathers illegal and violent attempts to kidnap the child. The fathers parental responsibility will soon be striped off him. 

If you want to abuse your partner or children and think we will help you, you are very mistaken. We support any victim of Domestic Violence and will do our best to protect them and their children.

Some useful links below if you are a victim or just need support:


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Male Victims: http://www.oneinthree.com.au/malevictims/


Female Victims: https://domesticviolenceuk.org/

Male Victims: http://www.mankind.org.uk/


Female Victims: http://www.thehotline.org/dvam2017/

Male Victims: http://www.thehotline.org/2014/07/22/men-can-be-victims-of-abuse-too/


Female Victims: http://www.domesticviolenceinfo.ca/article/community-awareness-5.asp

Male Victims: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/health-promotion/stop-family-violence/publications/intimate-partner-abuse-against-men.html

To this day CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International are very happy with all the children we have returned home that they are safe and well.




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