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“My mission is to rescue children around the world and my dream is that one day I won’t have to.”

Public Notice

On 10th April 2018 CARI Child Abduction Recovery International made a public statement after we were made aware of the current online defamatory hate campaign set up by Eric Kalmus, Colin Chapman, Susan Brown and Pat Desmond.

We will update our followers and supporters as information comes in and we get permission from our attorneys to post. These scumbags have failed for the third time to close CARI down so they can continue scamming vulnerable parents without CARI exposing them with their victims who come forward.


Eric Kalmus has since applied for a name change and bankruptcy in a California court, to avoid paying CARI and our CEO a large amount in damages for defamation and trade libel. A coward with a big mouth, who can not back up anything the muppet says. A true con man through and through who uses the fake identity of ABP World Group to try and trick parents. ABP World Group doesn’t exist anymore after Kalmus stole it from the original CEO Martin Waage. ABP World Group since November 2016 consists of Eric Kalmus and his fake stories he creates to fool left behind parents he actually has done a recovery in his life. The truth is Eric Kalmus couldn’t recover a bag of potatoes from a grocery store, let alone a kidnapped child overseas or domestically. Kalmus also uses the group CRN Japan to groom parents into believing he is a recovery specialist.


There is currently civil and criminal proceedings underway against those involved in three different countries.


I have been forced to create this website ( www.therealwhititngtoncari.com ) not by wanting too, but because I am aware of a defamatory website using my name and company name. These sad online trolls and associates seem determined that you know who I am and who my business is. If you are interested in this information this is the place that you will find that information in full truth.






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Whittington CARI

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