Parental Child Abduction Tunisia

Say hi to 4 yr old Shayma recovered yesterday by CARI Child Abduction Recovery International. No other has recovered children from Tunisia. Some have tried but failed with catastrophic results for all involved.

Shayma was taken to Tunisia illegally by her father in 2016 and not allowed to see or speak to her mother. Yesterday was the first time mother and daughter reunited since 2016.

Shayma was totally alienated by the father and his family. Unfortunately it’s a standard story for CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International operatives to see and hear.


We want to thank our wonderful contacts who assisted CARI Child Abduction Recovery International in Tunisia from start to finish. A great team effort in a country that is very difficult to operate in. A big thanks to the local police in the relevant area Shayma was being held for your kind and wonderful assistance.

After final papers were fixed by authorities in Tunisia in the presence of our CEO Adam Whittington and team, Shayma and her mother are safely on their way home, to meet a very happy family awaiting them.


There is no way on this planet Shayma would be reunited with her left behind parent if not for CARI Child Abduction Recovery International. No Embassy, no Hague Convention, no politician, no court would return abducted children including Shayma in countries like Tunisia. Approximately 12 months passed before Shayma’s mother realized exactly that.

The same day we left Tunisia airport this happened unfortunately to a German mother who tried to remove her child from Tunisia even with court orders. It’s not what you have it’s who you know!!!!!!

Do not try and take matters into your own hands or hire people who have no idea what they are doing carrying firearms and all sorts of stupid things in a foreign country as in this case (2 men sentenced to 6 and 16 years in a Tunisia prison while the mother is still stuck in Tunisia 2018)

Welcome home little princess from all the team at CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International.

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