The Recovery From Lebanon We Didn’t Want Public…

This is a recovery that CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International never intended to post about and was planning to keep our involvement silent in this matter out of respect to a past client. To the point that even the left behind parent in this case did not even know we were involved. We wanted it this way.

At the beginning of the year our Lebanese consultant and operative was contacted directly through a family member requesting he help regarding the recovery of young Michael. He immediately contacted our CEO to see if we should help. 3 years the mother from Belarus, now Australian citizen tried to get her children home. 18 days it took CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International.

Our operative, in consultation daily with CARI, immediately began to put a plan in place and working with the general security, a judge, the Lebanese police and the Australian Embassy.

Our operative used his and CARI’s contacts and his negotiation skills to return Michael back to his mother where he is now safe back in Sydney with his mother and siblings.

We would like to thank all involved for their support and work in bringing this altogether. This is another example of a CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International recovery that when dictated allows our operatives to use a different method as every recovery is different and needs to be treated differently.

The reason we have made our involvement public is due to our operative and CARI seeing another ‘so called’ child recovery agent Colin Chapman taking full credit for this recovery on Chapman’s Facebook page (see attached pictures with highlighted lines indicating complete lies).

When Chapman was confronted with the truth he deleted and banned our operative and anyone else questioning him on his page.

This is a first for us, we thought we had seen it all in the child recovery industry but this is the first time we have seen a competitor take credit for another agency’s work.

The media reporting on this case claimed the mother had executed the recovery on her own with the advice of Colin Chapman. This story couldn’t be further from the truth as the skills of our operative were completely ignored. Again no due diligence carried out by media looking for another quick story to print. Chapman has not been involved in one single recovery on the ground from Lebanon.

That is why we have come forward and we are now in talks with two major TV networks to cover the true story. There is so much more to this story, so much more evidential material showing just how in depth CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International and our operative was involved, audio recordings of many conversations with authorities and many more interesting pictures. If Chapman was involved in Lebanon as they clearly state in Chapman’s fb post why does he not have any of this information, pictures etc etc…… the answer is easy…. he is like always, full of horse shxx. Advising a parent to get their abducted child home is not the same as returning a parents abducted child home.

(below the original court order CARI’s operative obtained through the Lebanese courts ordering Michael to be returned to Australia.)


(below CARI operative outside the Australian Embassy with Michael after we obtained Michael’s new Australian passport in the presence of his mother)


After posting this post it seems Colin Chapman is not so happy the truth is out there so in his true fashion he reverts to his ongoing hate campaign to say this post is untrue. His involvement went no further then a few phone calls to the mother. Chapman who continues to fool parents on social media, had not one thing to do with anything in Lebanon in this case. We also have information that shows Colin Chapman and the mother in this case are trying to milk the media in particular Chanel 7 who the mother has signed a deal for $40,000 to tell her half true story. A good reason to be pissed off CARI has come forward with the truth.

We know from a close source Colin Chapman has offered money to the mother to state in the media he did the recovery in Lebanon!! So by us posting this ‘true’ story we are jeopardizing the mother and Chapman’s story, which in turn could lose them money. The mother has now posted abusive comments reverting to vile language onto our social media pages using three different fb accounts. Lets see what Channel 7 put out on their Sunday night program, now they know the facts as shown with undisputed evidence.

(Michael’s passport photo our CARI operative obtained in Lebanon after we recovered him. Oh we have so much more evidence…..)


Well lets just say the mother in this case is not who she says she is……CARI Child Abduction Recovery International have concrete information showing just who the mother really is. She is trying to hide this from the media and Australian public. ‘Cocaine Casey’ ring a bell. She is nothing like Sally Faulkner, who is a real and true mother. Sally’s motivation is her children……not money!

We are proud to have a great team now based in Lebanon as this is such a black hole for child abduction and much work is needed. We hope to soon have great news on a child abducted and missing in Lebanon for 5.5 yrs.

Anyone with children abducted to Lebanon feel free to contact CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International for honesty and truthful advice. We don’t post bullxxxt to fool people.

Even though we said it personally to you, welcome home Michael from all the team at CARI