How abductors exploit the media to their advantage

In recent times we have seen a huge increase in abductors taking to social media and gaining media attention in an effort to portray themselves as the victim to try and disguise the fact that they were the original abductor. 

We have seen so many good parents have their lives, careers, reputation and most importantly their relationship with their children destroyed due to false allegations and inaccurate public portrayals. 

Let’s make it clear, we at CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International do not support any abducting or kidnapping parent so regardless of whether it’s the mother or father we will help if legally binding, children return to their habitual residence and custodial parent who has not been abusive.

CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International has come across a few instances in our cases.
A recent high profile case of the illegal abduction by ‘retention’ (abduction by retention is when a parent has permission to take a child away for a short period like going to visit family overseas, but for whatever selfish reason that parent refuses to return the child back home) of little Insiya from India to the Netherlands by the mother. The mother told the father she was taking Insiya to the Netherlands to get immunization needles but when she was due to return she never did. 

A classic case and unfortunately far too common of a parent crying wolf after the left behind parent takes his child back home to her habitual residence as the legal custodial parent. How this father took his child back is another story, whether his method was right or wrong (and we strongly believe the fathers method was very wrong), he was returning his abducted child that was being illegally withheld from him and his family.

This mother then created the biggest campaign along with the Dutch media who completely ignored the fact that the mother was the abductor. Despite the mother refusing the father any contact or visitation with his child who he was very close to. This was despite the Dutch courts refusing to get involved as it wasn’t their jurisdiction but that of the Indian courts.

The mother seemed to love the lights of the cameras and making false and defamatory statements to the media. A large support group felt sorry for this mother and took in her lies as gospel.

Interpol has recently removed wanted red notices for the father and all those involved with the father who were being held by Dutch authorities have been released without charge. 

Recently the Indian high court ruled the child to remain in her habitual residence, that being India in the custody of the legal custodian parent…the father.

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The mother is now wanted by Indian authorities for kidnapping and has recently lost her submission to the Indian courts to have her warrant removed. (We have seen the relevant court documentation showing exactly this and other key factors in this case which are very interesting).

There was another case where CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International conducted a successful legal extraction of an abducted child from Poland with Polish lawyers and the Cyprus Embassies. The extraction took place late on a Friday night and we were able to move the father and daughter across borders quickly. The father had full legal custody of the child and had received a successful order from The Hague Convention

However when the extraction took place the mother contacted the local police. Being a Friday night and unable to access the courts for verification, the police made the decision to pursue the mother’s complaint as a kidnapping and worked to close the borders. 

Over the weekend the mother contacted every media outlet she could with claims her child has been illegally abducted and claimed she was the victim. 

As soon as the courts opened on Monday the father’s lawyer contacted the police and informed them to check the polish court for verification. As soon as the police made the relevant checks they immediately dropped the case as this was not kidnapping. It was a recovery with full support of the polish courts. 

The media quickly seeing that she had filled their content with her false stories quickly backflipped and exposed the mother for her lies. 

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CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International is very aware in International Parental Child Abduction cases that parents, both mothers and fathers, do leave with children due to domestic violence or abuse. In our 19 yrs experience in this industry the majority of clients first come to us telling us they are victims of abuse in some form. We always know there is two sides to every story.

We could confidently state only a small percentage of those allegations of abuse are real and true. During our screening process of any new client if we find any signs of the parent being abusive or making false claims of abuse, even if they have full custody we refuse to help them. We have in fact assisted a number of mothers fleeing from abusive relationships only after being provided evidence.

In a recent case of a UK/Ukraine father whose child was taken to the Ukraine by the mother, after we actually started for this client doing months of documented surveillance we received disturbing information by authorities about our clients abuse to the abducting parent…..we terminated our agreement immediately with this client. We have since gathered more information from the mother which verifies the abuse she received from this particular father.

If you want to abuse your partner or children and think we will help you you are very mistaken. 

To this day CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International are very happy with all the children we have returned home that they are safe and well.

The point of this blog is to highlight there is ALWAYS two sides to a story and not to believe every campaign that ridicules the other parent without knowing facts. Denying a parent rights to see or speak to their children is child abuse and as in a recent case in Indonesia an Australian father was desperate to see his child after being denied access or visitation by the Polish mother for over 10 months so he took matters into his own hands. The Polish mother immediately went on a media campaign with her side of the story and starting a ‘Go-fund’ account within days, which we still find very strange. 

Never just jump on the bandwagon of some newly formed media campaign filled with lies that so many parents, in particular mothers create to try and hide the fact they are the real abductors.