Ukraine Parental Child Abduction

We are very sorry to disturb you twice in one week but we’d like you to say hello to Afonso recovered tonight by CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International from Ukraine after being illegally abducted 8 months ago.

Afonso was taken to Ukraine on false documents obtained by his mother in order to smuggle Afonso into Ukraine after she lost custody of Afonso in Portugal. Instead of using The Hague Convention that is a waste of time especially in countries like Ukraine CARI Child Abduction Recovery International decided to use a different option.

CARI was able to use the criminal activity of obtaining false documents and work with the Ukraine authorities to have the mother hand over Afonso safely and legally.

Thanks to all those involved. Afonso is now safely back home with his loving custodian parent.

Mother was arrested but subsequently released once our team and client were out of the country. We hope a dialogue can be reached between the parents through CARI Child Abduction Recovery International in order to keep both parents in Afonso’s life.

Welcome home little man.

Team CARI provides the only professional Child Recovery Services

Some TRY some PRETEND some IMITATE some NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOMES but no one does what CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International does.

(Posted at request of a very happy client)

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