Another Successful Recovery

Say hello to Pavel illegally abducted by his father’s family after his father past away in 2016.

Pavel has been illegally held since with limited contact to his mother. After having the door closed time and time again searching for help, this mother turned to CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International after being scammed $18,000. This afternoon Pavel was safely recovered by a team from CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International who was assisted by local officials in Belarus. When Pavel saw his mother the first time today you wouldn’t know they had spent so much time apart. Instant connection. Still gives us goosebumps seeing children reunite with their left behind parent.

Pavel is one of the happiest boys we have come across doing this job who has an amazing mother who refused to give up fighting.


Unlike scammers in this industry Colin Chapman, Eric Kalmus, Pat Desmond, Donya Al Nayi who promote ‘successful’ recoveries on social media from their keyboards fooling people when they never left their front doors, at the same time promoting dodgy lawyers who continue to lose clients due to lack of knowledge in IPCA cases, we at CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International actually leave our front doors and physically return illegally abducted children with experienced professional lawyers. That’s called a real recovery!

Welcome home little Spider-Man it was a pleasure to help you get home to your mum. Thanks to all those involved.

Adam Whittington CARI

Team CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International

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