Parental Child Abduction Effects and Damages to Children


Some points we at CARI Child Abduction Recovery International have experienced first hand with our clients over the years helping them recover their illegally abducted children as well as assist in the resettling process back into their normal lives.

1. Alteration to Appearance -The abducted child’s appearance is often altered (hair cut and dyed, etc) in numerous cases to look like the opposite sex.

2. Name Change – The abducted child’s name is often changed with the illegal purchase of false identity papers with young children sometimes never knowing their true identity.

3. Loss of true identity – The child is stripped of his true identity. He loses out on the love of his left-behind family and his roots.

Health Neglect – The abducted child is often medically & physically neglected as abducting parents have the worry that their child may be discovered to be missing. So hospitals and doctors are usually avoided.

Unstable EducationAbducted children receive unstable schooling as moves for them are common and getting proper paperwork to schools to enroll your child can be difficult under a new name.

Unstable Living Conditions – Abducted children have unstable living conditions as they are on the run from the law, and often end up homeless or moving frequently to avoid being found.

Lies and more liesin every case CARI Child Abduction Recovery International has dealt with abducted or kidnapped children are often told lies about the abduction and the left-behind parent. They can form a false hatred for the left-behind parent and family. Alienation is a massive part of IPCA International Parental Child Abduction. Sometimes they are even told the left-behind parent is dead or in jail or doesn’t want them.

The Life of FugitivesAbducted children live the lives of fugitives. They are taught not to trust anyone, not to tell about their past, and live a life on the run. They have no opportunity to establish relationships with friends, and are usually locked inside.

Psychological and Emotional Distress – as a result of living life on the run and being subjected to this kind of abuse, the abducted child is subjected to severe psychological and emotional distress which show up for many years to come.

Unfortunately CARI Child Abduction Recovery International sees at least half of these points above, in everyone of our clients cases.

Bottom line……..International Parental Child Abduction, is nothing but Child Abuse!

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