Child Abduction Holiday Season… what and who to beware of!

Beware the holiday season is approaching….. All holidays are the high season for ‘International Parental Child Abduction’
Each holiday season CARI Child Abduction Recovery International is contacted by many frantic parents who have had their child/children abducted/kidnapped.

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International knows particularly in the lead up to the school holidays; that before or during school holidays is one of the most common times for a child to be abducted.
The number one way children are being illegally abducted, is by the other parent taking the child/children alone on a holiday and never returning, often taking the child/children overseas to parts unknown. These children are victims of abduction by ‘retention’, being retained in a foreign country without the consent of the other parent.


If you feel something is going on,

Some signs to look out for; The most obvious warning sign is a break down in a relationship,
*A sudden interest in getting a passport or copy birth certificate for the child,
*Concealed, hidden, and abrupt communication with individuals or family members living in a foreign country,
*A parent expressing a wish to holiday alone with the child,
*A change in circumstances such as leaving employment or redundancy, selling a house or giving up tenancy,
*No financial reason to stay,
*An announcement of an unexpected trip to another country with the child.
*One parent makes a point that one grandparent is very sick or terminally ill, overseas.

Follow your gut feelings… 8 of our 11 current assignments started from a innocent ‘holiday’.


International Parental Child Abduction is now and always will be, a worldwide epidemic problem, it can happen to you! Remember, the Hague Convention is only a tool to assist in the return of your child, and a tool that has proven itself time and time again, it simply does not work in 97 percent of abductions.

No one besides CARI Child Abduction Recovery International, will help you get your children home, your government, your embassy and the police will do nothing!
Prevention is better than cure. As any parent who has had their children ripped away from them will tell you, it’s the worst thing they have and will ever go through in life. Don’t be another victim to Parental Abduction.

Please feel free to contact CARI Child Abduction Recovery International for honest free advise, on any issues you may have. We also have a list of experienced lawyers/attorneys who we are happy to put you in contact with. Hiring a inexperienced lawyer/attorney, will cost you money but most importantly time. We have known clients situations to be worse than before they hired some lawyer.

Don’t be scared to ask your lawyer for references involving them with other abduction cases. If they haven’t touched an abduction case, don’t touch them….

Please also beware of the child abduction industry frauds who are out in full force joining together to lure in vulnerable parents over social media sites including Facebook groups and pages during the Holiday Season. We strongly urge victim parents not to create pages on Facebook about your abducted children.It’s how the frauds below are initiating contact and eventually scam some parents. Remember these names below. Patrick John Desmond’s latest victim was scammed for 10,800 Euros (blog with evidence coming soon at request of victim parent) before faking a heart attack that never happened!

The more we expose these frauds the more they join like parasites to try and give CARI a bad name by creating unfounded, fabricated stories and fake accounts. We will never ever stop exposing these people because the day we do is the day they take advantage of more vulnerable parents. We estimate their frauds over the years would surpass a million dollars of vulnerable parents money they have taken and never left their front doors. We know for a fact through our months of online investigations these individuals are working closely together including them discussing creating fake CARI accounts (see below screenshots) and profiles to create fake disgruntled clients. This is very easily disproved when the fake client profile they created is questioned.

ColinChapman PeterSenese PatrickJohnDesomond EricKalmus  (In a conversation with Eric and our CEO, Eric freely admitted that he had never done a recovery, asked how we executed recoveries and what fees he should charge parents) DonyaAlNahi is the most notorious female scammer, including taking thousands of dollars off a man she met online, are all now in cahoots with online bully Susan Brown, a disease and a mentally unstable coward of a psychopath.

Below are recent posts sent to CARI Child Abduction Recovery International by a follower of ours showing the type of bullying and threats the above individuals use not only towards CARI but to parents they scam in an attempt to intimidate them not to come forward. We thought we would share their tactics. We have loads more evidence to connect all these individuals together.

Sent to CARI by a follower who kindly did the correct thing and reported Susan Brown post for PROMOTING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE and HARASSMENT towards CARI and our CEO. We urge any victim parent of these individuals to come forward, don’t be intimidated or scared by their threats or online bullying. The more victims who come forward with the courageous parents who already have, there can easily be a class lawsuit against them and a good chance to recover your money.

A fake CARI Facebook page below set up by one of the above individuals now removed by Facebook for Trademark violations.

These individuals are doing everything to stop CARI Child Abduction Recovery International from exposing the truth so they can then continue as they have for years to scam parents. Lucky enough the New York branch of the FBI did a great job arresting and prosecuting one of the fraud members Peter Senese in 2015:

If you are a victim of the above we urge you to contact CARI and the authorities immediately. Enjoy your holidays season and stay safe.

Team CARI Child Abduction Recovery International


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    This is so true Eric Kalmus contacted me through a fb group after I posted my child’s abduction. He told me to avoid your company. I listened and now out of 37$k cause of him. I’ll email you what I have. Thx for being honest. I just wish I used you to help me xx

  2. Trisha says:

    They are sick people. Do not stop doing what you do. Thank god for your work.

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