Child Abduction Mediation

Over the last few years Child Abduction Recovery International has noticed a dramatic increase in the push for mediation by government funded organisations who deal in resolving cases of International Parental Child Abduction.

In Child Abduction Recovery Internationals 19 years in the parental child abduction industry CARI has found mediation to have succeeded zero times.

Lets face reality an abductor has made their mind up that they will take the child long before the left behind parent realizes there is even an issue in the relationship, with the abductors having a firm mind set mediation cannot sway them to think differently.

Mediation would not be sort for child abduction unless the abduction had already taken place. An abductor will not give up where they are to attend mediation in person nor would the left behind parent be able to locate the abductor to arrange mediation. This is usually the end of the process right there.


It’s quite rare for an abducting parent to even declare their location. In 70-80% of Child Abduction Recovery International cases CARI clients have no idea where their children are without any communication at all given by the abducting parent. In most other cases the abducting parent could not care less to even talk to the other parent let alone allow communication over the phone or Skype.

Abductors spend months sometimes years planning the abduction of their children from the other parent with usual assistance from other family members and our statistics clearly show abductors have no intention of wanting to mediate once the abduction has taken place.

Think of it from a selfish abductors view…..why would you go through all the planning and risk in abducting your children only to turn around and agree to give the children back or allow visitation.

A recent email below to CARI Child Abduction Recovery International  from a parent who has been struggling to even see the abducted children pretty much sums up how the mediation option for left behind parents is…. just a money making cash cow with zero results:

Some INFO you may or may not be aware of about the recent afilliation of the European parliament and the Hague Central Authorities with a semi non profit semi money seeking agency.

The UN Hague department for International Parental Child Abduction, have now affiliated themselves with MIKK-EV.DE who now get all the referrals, and the official right to go to XXXXXXXXX and elsewhere (all Hague Countries) and make money training ‘mediators’ in each country.

Now when a left behind parent of International Parental Child Abduction approaches the UN, they refer you to a list of paid lawyers, and/or the mediation centre. The Mediation centre then refers you to (in my case) the XXXXXXXX Mediators, and tell you you have to pay for TWO mediators (one for each parent), at somewhere around 300 to 600$ an hour

The governments of the world are running out of resources (money to cover all their departments), and they are now referring their duties to paid ‘affiliates’

This spent about 5 years trying to wheedle their way in to get the contract with the U.N. 

I see now or believe after my experiences and investigations into how the whole system works, that its all economics, not ethics, that drives the creation of departments and jobs in the UN, and the taxes they take from the people of each member state to feed their own existence, autocades and coffee machines and company cars, is just a skimming scam. but when it comes to the time to act and spend their resources on International Parental Child Abduction cases, they just refer victims to a list of their affiliated paid professionals just like Reunite International do and have been doing for years. receive funds in Germany from the UN for their existence, but make money selling courses to mediators in hague Countries, and commissions from referrals, in cahoots with the central Authorites who are evading spending their own resources to help victims of International Parental Child Abduction.  

The world is one big money scam it seems

Law deals with legality not morality, and where is Humanity going?

Keep up the amazing work Adam and team without you so many of us parents would never see our children again. You are our saviours”


 With governments funding these mediation sessions when statistics show that mediation is not beneficial in International Parental Child Abduction cases could it be the motivation of governments was not to resolve these cases but in fact a method of dragging out the process which gives the abductor time to develop a resettlement plan (Article 12) of the abducted children which in fact aids the abduction.

Could it also be that cases of International Parental Child Abduction can cause tension between two countries and by placing parents in useless mediation ensures that diplomatic relations are not strained? CARI has many many comments to both us directly and to left behind parents to support this theory without doubt.

In this scenario of mediation there is no indication that this could be supporting the abducting child in fact a drawn out mediation process is likely to aggravate the whole situation unless both parents are willing to mediate, which is not likely to happen for the above reasons stated. One case CARI knows of after Child Abduction Recovery International spent a lot of time and effort finding the abductor and child is back to stage one for CARI after mediation began and failed dramatically. Now CARI has to find them again…..

With the serge of referrals to mediation in IPCA cases it’s now becoming nothing more than Governments inability to act and a way of cashing in for mediation organisations popping up.

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