Who are the real Child Recovery Agents? International Child Abduction Recovery

At CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International we would never proceed with a recovery unless the parent is with us to recover their own child and only after a rigorous screening process checking legal documents. This is to provide initial security to the child and it is best practice for our team.

Losing a child to Parental Abduction is one of the most gut wrenching traumas a parent can face. You grieve for a child that is not dead, your every thought is occupied about where they are and if they are safe. You battle authorities every day and constantly seek answers that will lead you back to your child.

When we execute a recovery to see the joy of a parent and child being reunited is really what makes the work worthwhile, but what becomes of the parent and child once they are reunited and return to home.

The first focus is always to care for the child’s medical and emotional needs, and then the hard work begins to settle the child back into the life they once knew. Establish them back into school, friendship groups and reacquaint them with extended family.

In our experience we are always amazed at how adaptable these kids are, and when we check back in on them they are thriving and enjoying life. So where does this leave the parent?

They have spent years fighting the legal system, fighting with foreign governments, exhausting every channel. They are more well versed with the laws of child abduction than most legal professionals, and they found a strength that they never knew they had.

Once life has settled back to normal it is some parents instinct to help other parents that are suffering the same way. Some parents join support groups and offer advice and comfort to other left behind parents. Some campaign for law reform and turn to writing to create awareness. However some parents feel that being part of the recovery of their child has empowered them to do the same for other parents.

We have seen left behind parents turn into self styled child recovery people with disastrous results. We know because the parent then turns to CARI Child Abduction Recovery International for help.

We are seriously concerned that this industry is not regulated. We have said it many times in past blogs and we have spoken to governments in person about this issue. A parent who has their child returned does not make them experienced in recovering children. A parent lobbying to have their child returned does not make them experienced in recovering children.

There are so many ‘Pop-up’ cowboys taking advantage of vulnerable parents in this industry. Many private investigators now promote ‘child recovery’ as a service ,but wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to return a child across international borders with or without authorities assistance. Taking money and never leaving their front doors is also common with many. They promote numerous recoveries on their websites, but the truth is they’ve not carried out one.

This is an industry whether you like it or hate it, will never go away….a last resort for parents, who would otherwise never see their child again. Who’s to blame for the creation of this industry….the system, governments, corruption, the Hague Convention, no enforcement of court orders, authorities, selfish abducting parents and countries who couldn’t care less about foreign abducted children being held illegally in their country.

Even a few so called IPCA advocates (parents) use false pretenses via social media like Facebook to lure parents in, to convince them they can get their children home. Understanding local laws or giving advice on the local court system does not make you experienced in recovering children.

As an example we have even been contacted by Eric Kalmus of ABP World Group ( Eric Kalmus Child Recovery & Advocacy ) ( Who is Eric Kalmus? ) asking CARI Child Abduction Recovery International how to do recoveries!!! If we could carry out recoveries for him!!!! and what to charge parents in IPCA cases!!!! (yes all documented). Truth is Eric Kalmus has not carried out one single recovery and even stated he never would physically do one!!!!

Eric Kalmus uses the stolen identity ABP WORLD GROUP, as a front for his scams. Copying and pasting news articles to a blog page or Twitter account Eric Kalmus, doesn’t make you experienced in recovering children. Posting comments on every Facebook page related to child abduction, or on left behind parents personal pages set up to promote their case, does not mean you’re experienced in recovering children. Eric Kalmus refuses to this day to reply to any questions about his experience in the recovery industry despite numerous opportunities. Eric is a master of internet fraud which shortly will all soon be revealed. Soon we will expose the true Kalmus con man for who he really is. Bankruptcy, name change, grooming vulnerable parents online, theft, wire fraud, you name it he’s involved. Lets just say Eric Kalmus is Peter Senese the second and once it all comes out everyone associated with him will run just like people did with Peter Senese. Eric’s coward response to being exposed, was to try give CARI a bad name with the help of the ‘Fraud Squad’ aka Colin Chapman, Pat Desmond, Donya Al Nahi and online bully Susan Brown.


This is the difference between CARI Child Abduction Recovery International and the Fraud Squad. We do not chase parents and you’ll never see comments over public or private parents pages, trying to promote ourselves.

We are sick to death of being contacted by parents after they go to someone else who takes their money and does nothing. Just like Peter Senese who was arrested by the FBI for fraud in New York. We are sick of frauds saying to parents they are associated with CARI and or those who try to copy our policies and procedures.

We will name and shame anyone from now on who does this. Anyone recommending these people or groups including dodgy lawyers will also be named and shamed. Enough is enough of taking advantage of vulnerable parents!

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International is a private organisation who answers to no one, so if you don’t like what you read get off our page. We will continue to expose anyone who scams parents. We do what we do to rescue children, not for political or public votes.

The old saying you pay for what you get is no different in this industry. Social media platforms are the number one way, in which rouge and frauds prey on their next vulnerable parent.

In 18 years carrying out recoveries, returning just over 200 children we have failed twice due to circumstances out of our control. We are the most professional, and the leading recovery organisation in the world, and that’s why we have a continuous waiting list of parents wanting to use our services. Parents around the world contact us weekly, asking for advice or help in both Domestic and International Parental Abduction cases.

We will continue to be outspoken on this subject whether people like it or not. These individuals we name need to take up a new hobby and get out of this industry. It’s usually the frauds and those inexperienced individuals we name, that hate being exposed, then start their little hate pages, blogs and websites defaming and attacking CARI as Eric Kalmus is so good at doing to others he falls out with. Donya Al-Nahi, Patrick John Desmond and Colin Chapman are the leaders of frauds in this industry.

You can also add Aaron Todd who has scammed many parents in partnership with Eric Kalmus, before they fell out over money.

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International will continue to work with authorities in many countries and speak to governments until they get the reality and message. We will also work with authorities in order to have these frauds prosecuted. Regulating this industry would be safer for parents and children around the world.

Read this blog how you wish, this is absolutely not a blog to attack anyone, this is about being pissed off that another parent has fallen victim to inexperience rouge operations and we will no longer hold back. No one speaks out besides CARI why? Because we can’t sit back any longer knowing that there are some individuals out there doing what they are doing together, like a gang of dirty pickpockets. How upset would you be if one of these frauds took all your life savings while they sit and watch ‘The Simpsons’ on the sofa at home?

We are the first to admit things can quickly change or go wrong in any operation within seconds whether from being sabotaged by frauds like Colin Chapman or vital information clients keep hidden, but not from inexperience.

Over the last 48 hrs we have spoken to other honest agents who agree now is the time to speak out and expose those who prey on victim parents. fraud Aaron Todd (ex colleague of Eric Kalmus recently fell out with Kalmus over…..yep ‘MONEY’) Pretending now to be a recovery agent in Cyprus. Aaron Todd of ‘HSSE Child Recovery Services,’ promotes 23 recoveries on his new website, but he knows as we do from a close source to Aaron, he has actually done ZERO recoveries and is closely linked to Eric Kalmus as one victim of fraud has just come forward after Eric and Aaron took $54,000 USD from him and did nothing.

It’s honestly never ending who’s involved in the dark web all handing out and receiving kick backs (cash) to each other. And if you think we are bullshitting think again. We will blow the roof of this industry if these bastards continue. We bust our asses off trying to do the right thing and help parents the best we can and these maggots continue to sit on their sofas at home watching TV while parents pay them!

It’s simple…. you want to take advantage of parents, we will expose you. We suggest those reading this and we know you do read everything we post or do, get a new hobby your days of pretending to be something you’re not are over in this industry. You promote recoveries on your website or social media be prepared to back each one up.

Everything we post about an individual or organisation is factual and supported with evidence of their actions or fraud. Why do you think these frauds don’t come after CARI Child Abduction Recovery International for defamation?? They know everything we say or write is 100% the truth and we have the evidence to back it up. We urge any parent who has fallen victim of these frauds to contact us or your local police immediately.



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  1. Jimmy says:

    Pat Desmond I know all to well. Needs a good flogging for the hurt he has caused. He is well in there with the biggest online fraud Tim Wade. Check this out https://timwadeinternetconman.wordpress.com/

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