A story ending with it doesn’t pay to be a liar

It seems the interest in frauds of the child recovery industry is a very popular subject based on the clients that are increasingly contacting us after being scammed by the same individuals and the search terms on our blog, two of the most popular is “a story that ends with it doesn’t pay to be a liar” and “the fraud squad“. We can clearly see through our searches, that even fraud Patrick Desmond loves to search about himself on our blog. Why wouldn’t you, when you’re being exposed for a true scumbag you are.


It still amazes us how easily desperate parents are conned out of a lot of money by these individuals and there is nothing to stop them. They continually change their MO with the latest, Mr Patrick John Desmond, taking money and then disappearing stating that he has had a heart attack to his victims, or the 2 French father’s he took tens of thousands of Euros from and then disappeared.

We encourage parents to read these blogs as everything is factual and can be verified with evidence. The sooner this industry is regulated the sooner these scumbags will be unable to scam any more parents. We also know a few so called ‘child abduction advocates’ especially in the U.S who have supported these frauds.

We will not stay quiet until everyone of these scumbags are put away along with their colleague Peter Thomas Senese No wonder they continue to try and sabotage our recoveries just like Lebanon was….wasn’t it Colin Chapman or create defamatory websites and social media pages to TRY and give CARI a bad name. Colin Chapman has been hiding a darker secret until now… PAEDOPHILE.

Of course we do not state things in public unless it is true and we have seen evidence. As you can clearly see from this part of a report below. This is part of the CPIU interview of Colin Chapman’s sexual abuse to his two daughters, including Saria his oldest, recorded in Nambour Police Station, on the Sunshine Coast.

Some parts below have been blanked out, but if you read carefully you can fill in the blanks, including where Colin Chapman‘s name goes. “Hour long showers with his two daughters, using his penis to show the girls have to clean their private parts. Then he spends up to 3 hours lecturing the girls and demanding his oldest girl Saria, not to tell anyone what they are discussing/doing. The information recorded in the child protection history indicates that there have been significant concerns that (blank) physically abused the child”

We have and continue to update our CARI website. On our homepage we will soon publish again the current frauds names, but here they are again for the record:

Colin Chapman, Eric Kalmus, Donya Al Nahi, Pat Desmond, and Aaron Todd. Each of these frauds has scammed multiple victim parents, after they groom them online, usually through Facebook groups and pages. Once parents pay them to get their children home, they do not leave the safety of their front doors and wouldn’t know how to recover a dead fish from a fish tank, let alone an abducted child in another country.

Soon we will release our blog about our lawsuit in the US against the biggest con man of all…. Eric Kalmus. Anyone who supports any of these names are just as bad as they are.

We’ll show just how much of a scumbag Eric Kalmus is and show witness statements as well as other indisputable evidence, we and our attorneys have uncovered. Kalmus has the IQ of a cow. It’s going to be a cracker!




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