The Hague Convention TRUTHS

“By 2007, the United States, European authorities, and NGOs had begun serious interest in the use of mediation as a means by which some international child abduction cases may be resolved. The primary focus was on Hague cases. Development of mediation in Hague cases, suitable for such an approach, had been tested and reported by REUNITE, a London-based NGO, which provides ‘support’ in international child abduction cases, as successful. Their reported success led to the first international training for cross-border mediation in 2008, sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Held at the University of Miami School of Law, lawyers, judges, and certified mediators interested in international child abduction cases attended.” (Source Wikipedia)

“The court must order the immediate return of the child.”

“The decision must be made within 6 weeks.” Source (some muppet lawyer who has no idea)


These above statements would have to be some of the most ridiculous statements ever made. The Hague Convention of International Child Abduction, is a complete joke! That’s the truth, but these muppets don’t won’t to hear about it.

International child abduction occurs when a parent, relative or acquaintance of a child leaves the country with the child or children in violation of a custody decree or visitation order. Another related situation is retention, where children are taken on an alleged vacation to a foreign country and are not returned.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is an international human rights treaty and legal mechanism to recover children abducted to another country. The Hague Convention does not provide relief in many cases, resulting in some parents hiring private parties to recover their children.

The problem is, we are the only ones telling it how it is…..parents are being told complete rubbish, as if it’s a piece of luggage that has been kidnapped.

Countless left behind parents and their children are neglected by this system. Why on earth is no one doing anything to change it? All you hear is story after story of victim parents contacting CARI when their children get initially abducted. Some go away and try through the Hague Convention, or try ridiculous methods wasting their money on things like mediation (we’ll get back to Mediation shortly).

We can honestly say 50% of parents who contact CARI, then go away and try themselves to recover their children, or through the Hague Convention, ALWAYS come back to CARI in between 12 and 24 months, telling us they have been wrongfully advised, scammed, wasted time and money on lawyers trying to fight the Hague Convention. They always come back to CARI Child Abduction Recovery International to help them. When they do, things in their case are usually 100 times worse, then when they first contacted us.


You will have small pockets of groups, usually linked to an NGO, that will feed your head with, ‘YOU MUST USE THE HAGUE CONVENTION’. Lawyers who are sharks will tell you YOU MUST USE THE HAGUE CONVENTION IT WILL BRING YOUR CHILDREN HOME.

Mediation: will not work in 99% of cases, because you need BOTH parents willing and wanting to participate. Do these preachers of mediation live on planet Earth? Honestly, wake up parents. Parents kidnap/abduct their own children because they have no intention to return your children to you. Why on earth would they want to mediate?

CARI has in a number of cases negotiated with the abductor only when we have them in a position they know they can not get out of. Then some will negotiate.

ENFORCEMENT ENFORCEMENT ENFORCEMENT ….why will authorities not work on fixing this major issue? Most of CARI’s cases are to simply enforce a Hague Convention decision with authorities, that the children must be returned because there is no one on this planet who enforces court rulings. This is the first thing that needs to be fixed and quickly. It shits us to see article written by some dumb ass journalist looking for brownie points with the headlines like, “Philippines have signed the Hague this will be great for abducted kids”. What a load of complete rubbish. Fix the completely broken system BEFORE adding other countries who will simply not comply with the current system in place. 

CARI has sat face to face with the UK and Australian governments to discuss these issues.

We have written about this before, but we need to again as in the last two weeks we have had 3 parents who contacted us over 12 months ago. We gave them our fees and their options and all 3 have come back saying they wish they had of used CARI, instead of wasting valuable time and lots of money, more money on legal fees then CARI’s fees all because they listened to some muppet in a call center or to some idiot in some social media group.

It’s harsh, but it’s the reality, and until parents know and or get told the truth about having their children returned, we will continue to have left behind parents contact us months or years after they initially contacted us for help desperate for CARI to help them again.

Remember this saying and it’s so true,

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur” and we will add this “or a shark lawyer”

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