Say hello to Yuri

Say hello to Yuri….illegally abducted to the Ukraine in late 2015 by his father. We are excited to say today Yuri was safely reunited with his mother and little sister who he met for the very first time today.

It’s always a cat and mouse game for our operatives and we can honestly say this is up the top of one of the most frustrating recoveries but Yuri’s mother never gave up hope on anything.


Selfish Abductors think they are smart running like fugitives with no care for the child’s welfare ignoring court orders, but they always mess up and we won’t stop until we finish what we start.

There is no better feeling in this job to reunite abducted children and to see the happiness on Yuri’s face are moments we’ll never forget.

Yuri is now safe and well with his loving family.

Enjoy Yuri you deserve all the love you’re receiving young man.

Thanks to those who assisted including the relevant Embassy in making this nightmare for this wonderful mother end….

Oh yeh….this is recovery number 200 by CARI


#IPCA is child abuse!

(Posted at request of client)


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