Welcome home Esin

Say hello to 8 year old Esin illegally abducted to Ukraine by her mother and finally arriving home today to Turkey.

Esin was abducted while her father was in the shower on a family holiday!! There are no limits abductors will go to to carry out their planned abductions. The father didn’t have a clue.

Turk ukraine

For 9 months Esin was subjected to extreme PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome by both the abductor and her parents (grandparents) in an attempt to break the very close bond of daughter and father.

Fortunately, that bond wasn’t broken at the hands of a selfish and abusive family. When Esin saw her father for the first time today since being abducted she was over the moon and couldn’t stop saying “I missed you daddy” as she hugged her dad for almost twenty minutes.

No wonder considering Esin was left most nights alone while her mother was out selling herself and moving to four different accommodations within 9 months.

This is why we do what we do…..if we don’t nobody else will help these innocent and abused children. The authorities and governments certainly don’t care or help.

Big thanks to those involved in assisting our CARI team getting Esin home safe and very happily.

Welcome home Esin. Go enjoy life now how you should.

You have a great father.


International Parental Child Abduction is abuse

(Posted at request of client)



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