Fraud Squad member sentenced to 3 yrs for scamming parents!

Predator Fraudster ….Peter Thomas Senese gets 3 years in prison for committing “a crime of unspeakable cruelty.” (Click on link at bottom of this post for news article on his sentence)

CARI is so happy that one of the fraud squad has been put away. This is great news and a warning for the other frauds he worked with Colin Chapman, Donya Al Nahi, and Pat Desmond. Absolute disgraceful people preying on parents who have had their children abducted.

Long gone are your days of going on exclusive holidays with vulnerable parents money. All 4 of you need to be brought to justice and be put away for your horrendous crimes against parents.

Look at the conversation below when a UK mother first found out Donya scammed her for 10,000 GBP. Donya was telling the mother she went to turkey and found her son BUT was in fact in Paris with the mothers money on a holiday with the man in this below conversation. This man felt sorry for the mother when he knew what Donya was doing and contacted this poor mum.

Donya lies 3

And other groups and fb pages actually stupidly promote or protect these frauds just like the fb page “Child Abduction by parents is still Abduction”. For years these scammers and the people or groups protecting them have gotten away with scamming vulnerable parents. Now it’s time they are all exposed and brought to justice one by one.

#IPCA #DPCA #parentalabduction

Click on this link below to read New York Post article about one of the fraud squad members.…/predatory-fraudster-says-he-was-also-f…/



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