Where are they now?

Where are they now…..IPCA – International Parental Child Abduction.

Often we get asked about past cases and how the children are going. So we thought we would post about some of our recoveries we have done including cases we have assisted left behind parents with and what has happened since we got the children home. International Parental Child Abduction is a crime in only a few countries. It needs to be made a crime in every country to help prevent the large numbers of innocent children falling victim to one selfish parent increasing.

Daniel abducted to Lebanon from Russia by the father. The mother contacted CARI and in November 2015 we safely recovered her son back to Russia. The mother did have full custody on the recovery from Russia and has now received an order for her son not to leave Russia without the mothers permission. Daniel and his mother continue to live a happy and healthy life. The father has not been in contact since despite the mother trying to make contact with him. A sad case but unfortunately all too common. This abducting father had no interest in his son, his only interest was to use his son as a tool to hurt the mother. He lost that tool and was then not interested. International Parental Child Abduction Lebanon.

wpid-img_20151102_192449.jpg Daniel reunited with his mother. Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel Beirut.

Amani Khansia abducted and illegally held in Turkey by his violent father. Anisa Khansia was given orders by the Turkish courts through the Hague Convention to have her child returned back to the UK. Unfortunately the abducting father ignored the Hague ruling and took off with Amani for 2 years. Anisa was scammed by Donya Al –Nahi who said she found Amani in Turkey but in fact used the money Anisa paid her to go on an exclusive holiday to Paris. Donya had never entered Turkey when she said she was there. CARI along with the Turkish Police in Gaziantep, the British Embassy in Istanbul and the Governor of Gaziantep worked together and safely recovered Amani returning him to the UK. The UK courts have since given Anisa full and sole custody of Amani who is growing into one amazing little man. the abducting father has made threats and even tried to gain entry to the UK by forging visa documents. He has been banned to enter the UK from Border Force Immigration as a result. (below are pieces of the the message conversation between Anisa and the man who was in Paris with Donya at the time she said she was in Turkey. This man in the conversation felt sorry for Anisa that Donya was scamming her and then made contact with Anisa to inform her. Below is when Anisa first finds out she was scammed) International Parental Child Abduction Turkey.

11879070_493469440821256_3494472145458411652_o Anisa reunited with her son. Leaving Turkey for UK

Adam abducted from Prague on holiday by his Russian mother while the father was in the shower. CARI was contacted by his desperate father. Adam was recovered with the assistance of the Polish police, Maltese Ambassador of Poland at the border of Poland and Belarus heading for her home country Russia with minutes before the train they were on crossed the border where Adam would never be seen again. Adam was returned to his habitual residence of Malta. In recent weeks the Maltese courts gave a permanent order that Adam cannot travel out of Malta until he is 18 or unless accompanied by his father or with his authorization. Adam is doing amazingly well after his traumatic experience. International Parental Child Abduction Malta.

12524049_550294948472038_4918786316062349161_n Leaving Czech Republic for Malta

 Griffin was illegally abducted by his mother Eliza Szonert and Colin Chapman from a restaurant while having breakfast with his legal guardian, his father. As a result of Colin Chapman’s lies after lies to the media trying to gain needed attention, Chapman left Malaysia leaving the mother and Griffin on the run. Eliza Szonert and Chapman had a planned agenda to get in the media and rubbish the father with fabricated defamatory lies. It was a shocking case of a mother who spent months in a drug rehab centre hiring a cowboy thug Colin Chapman to kidnap her child from the father who was the sole career. Everything stated by the mother and Chapman was a lie and was proven to be a lie by the father and facts from the courts. To this day Colin Chapman still has on his fb page the video of the kidnapping bragging “How a successful child recovery should be conducted.” And it was another successful recovery. We can tell you that in April 2016 the Australian courts gave full custody to the father, Ash Crick and that we have heard that Griffin doesn’t see his mum from anywhere. Griffin was extremely traumatised by the mother and Chapman’s actions but he is doing very good and loving life back with his father living in a stable and safe environment again. International Parental Child Abduction Australia.

10405511_539775272857339_8355520271231056026_n Ash Crick reunited with his son in Melbourne.





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