Colin Chapman truths revealed

We have been big advocates in exposing frauds in the IPCA International Parental Child Abduction industry and we always will speak out against anyone who takes advantage of vulnerable parents.

It seems Colin Chapman’s past is now slowly catching up with him. He avoids public scrutiny by journalists who are not aware of his past and carry out no due diligence on him. There are vetaren journalists especially in Australia who know all to well what he is like.

Money, fraud, deception, lies and manipulation are traits Chapman thrives on. He has no remorse for his actions and will not hesitate for one minute to abandon a parent and their children after he has been paid. He is now being sued in Australia (again) for his role in the shocking Egypt case where he balls everything up and decided to be the coward he truly is and do a runner from Egypt leaving the client and her child stuck in Egypt for 3 years. He promotes it as a successful recovery, a habit he does with numerous other failures. The truth is he has not carried out a successful recovery in years. This is a link to the recent article about the lawsuit against Chapman in a Cairns court. Remember he has been charged and convicted of Fraud in 2012 in a Brisbane court.

Now we could be just talking a load of rubbish yes, but we are not. We know everything about every job which is not many over the last 5 years. Below are details (all of which can be confirmed) of each job he has done over the last 5 years. 

We have this information from Chapman’s closest number one operative who Chapman dumped and left to fend for himself with Eliza Szonert in Malaysia, while he cowardly jumped onto the first flight back to Australia not before selling footage of the illegal kidnapping. 

He recently stated in a article he carried out 22 recoveries in 2016!!!! The journalist who wrote this article must of been high on drugs and has been asked to confirm these statements but has chosen to ignore the fact that there was no due diligence carried out again leaving Chapman to say anything he wishes. Statements like “I use to work in ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Services)” are just beyond belief and is a federal offense in Australia to lie you have worked for ASIS.


Below are notes from Colin Chapman’s ex number one and ONLY operative (he has no 8 man team as he told a journalist recently)

On 17th August 2013 Colin Chapman travelled to Egypt with the intent of recovering Amaal Finns daughter Zareen. After failing in his recovery attempt Colin Chapman fled Egypt leaving Amaal and Zareen trapped in Egypt. Colin cited a “family emergency” to media outlets as the reason for his return but the truth of the matter is it was one of many incompetent international failures which have cost many parents significant sums of money both in payments to Colin’s fake business “Child Recovery Australia” and in turn extensive legal fees following the failed recovery. Even after Colin’s failure he still had the audacity to criticise the Australian governments efforts to assist a client he had abandoned. After about a two and a half year legal battle Amaal and Zareen were finally cleared to travel back to Australia by an Egyptian court in early 2016. This is just one of several cases that have been uncovered where Courts have had to intervene to assist parents that engaged the services of Colin Chapman’s and fake company “Child Recovery Australia. 

In December 2013 Stuart Dempster engaged the services of Colin Chapman and his fake company Child recovery Australia. Stuart has been quoted by media outlets as saying that after spending tens of thousands of dollars with Colin Chapman and providing the living address of his daughter Colin Chapman failed to even find his daughter in Thailand. Approximately a year later Stuart engaged rival recovery organisation CARI (Child abduction Recovery International) who successfully recovered Stuart’s daughter back to Australia. 

stuartStuart Dempster was scammed $10,000 by Chapman

In October 2014 Patricia Nunez Engaged Colin Chapman and his fake company Child Recovery Australia to travel to Taiwan in the hope of recovering her two boys that were abducted by their father. Again Patricia gave tens of thousands of dollars to Colin Chapman. Patricia is reported as saying that Colin Chapman confirmed sighting her two sons and their father the day prior to her arrival. Despite this alleged sighting by Colin Chapman and despite extensive surveillance of their alleged residence for the two no further sightings were made in the next two weeks leading Patricia to question Colin’s integrity. Again it is reported that Colin abandoned Patricia mid operation heading back to Australia and leaving two local private investigators and an inexperienced operative to continue what was a failing operation. At the completion of Patricia’s time in Taiwan nobody other than Colin Chapman reported seeing her children. Patricia later appeared in 101 East – Australia documentary “bringing them home. 

As mentioned above Al Jazeeras 101 East – Australia did a documentary which included a number of Colin Chapman’s clients both past and present. The main subject was Mr. Kennedy Kembo who travelled to Indonesia in late 2015 with Colin Chapman, two operatives and an Al Jazeera film crew. Again Kennedy had paid Colin Chapman and his fake company tens of thousands of dollars in the hope of  recovering his abducted daughter. As the documentary shows Colin Chapman could not find a way to recovery Kennedy’s daughter and passed the buck to the Al Jazeera film crew to negotiate with the mother for Kennedy to spend time with his daughter. Colin’s use of the media to fix his failures became a constant theme hereafter.  

Shortly following the Kennedy Kembo failed recovery Colin Chapman and his fake company were back in Indonesia. This time he was engaged by Yuli Lucas whose son was being held by his father in Indonesia. Again Colin and his fake company were the beneficiaries of tens of thousands of dollars. Yet despite all the money and Colin Chapmans self proclaimed expertise Colin Chapman again failed to facilitate a successful recovery and again abandoned his client and returned to Australia. Yuli was later fortunate enough to have her son returned to her care via Indonesian authorities. Again Colin Chapman arranged for media involvement in the matter in a bid to pressure the Indonesian Authorities and garner public support for a client he abandoned despite having been paid significant sums of money. 

The most recent and highest profile case of someone engaging Colin Chapman and his fake company Child Recovery Australia is that of Eliza Szonert. In December of 2015 Colin Chapman travelled to Malaysia with two operatives to recover Elizas son Griffin from his father. Again this case highlights Colin Chapman’s reliance on media outlets to rectify his failures. After recovering Griffin back into his mothers care Colin again abandoned his client and returned to Australia full well knowing that Eliza had no means of leaving the country as both her and her sons passports were in the possession of the father. Again in tactics synonymous with Colin Chapman, the media was engaged to deflect from the sever incompetence and blatant disregard for his clients welfare. His client Eliza Szonert was even incarcerated in Malaysia whilst Colin Chapman enjoyed safety stability and most likely extra pay checks from media outlets wanting the inside information regarding the Eliza Szonert story. This on top of again tens of thousands of dollars paid to Colin Chapman and his fake company Child Recovery Australia.  Still to this day Chapman has on his Facebook page the video of the kidnapping boosting it was successful. Anyone who questions this video is deleted and removed off the page.

Once again it was intervention by the courts that resolved the stand off between parents with both having to return to Australia to have the matter resolved after having it played out extensively through the media.

Since 2013 Colin Chapman and his fake company Child Recovery Australia has not made one single successful and documented recovery of a child back to Australia or any other country for that matter. Yet he continues to be paraded by the media as an “International expert” on child recovery. As well as this not one single media outlet did any due diligence to see if “Child Recovery Australia” was even a registered company despite extensive advertising of the organisation through there documenting of the numerous cases outlined above.”           

Additional comments by the ex Chapman operative: (all information can be confirmed first hand)

“Re. Algeria; Once again the recovery was a balls up and no recovery was ever done. The facts are that he did not do his due diligence. He went with the mother and the OLD court documents to the fathers village with an armed escort so the story goes. Upon arrival they were provided with documents showing that the mother had since signed custody over to the father and the court documents they were relying on had been superceded. In short they were told to fuck off. 

Re. China; Upon arriving in Shanghai I soon found that the intel Chapman had provided me with was  completely inaccurate. The plan was to walk into the child care centre with the mother recover the child walk out then make our way to the boarder of Vietnam and cross. No intel regarding the 2 armed security at the day care or that the gates are only open for a few hours morning and afternoon. Also no intel on the fact that the day care was in an international schooling district and therefor regularly patrolled by police either. I soon abandoned any thought of doing the recovery at the child care. I looked at doing recovery at the fathers residence but again, 2 entry points with 3 security 24/7 at each point of the gated community. Shanghai swat headquarters a few hundred meters up the road and shanghai traffic branch next to that. Local cop station several hundred meters beyond that also.

Once again I abandoned this thought. Only other option was street recovery but the father was very reclusive and all shopping centres had security and police also. Mother decided not to continue spending money which was a smart decision. She now has custody but is prevented from leaving China.

He talks about Lebanon like its his backyard. Once again this was a failed recovery which left his 2 operatives in jail. No doubt he never set foot in Lebanon during the recovery process. According to Chapman the operatives recovered the child and upon making there way out of the country were intercepted.  The story goes that police went through electronic equipment such as Ipads which I’m reasonably sure were not yet invented and found details of the operation leading to their arrest in Lebanon. One for 3 months the other for 6 months. But who knows with Chapman being as delusional as he is. Definitely the stories he tells are not of successful recoveries and there is certainly no documented proof to support any claims of successful recoveries anywhere in the world.

The only one that he me have done successfully was from Vietnam but nobody knows whether he was actually involved and if he was in what capacity. I think it was a channel 7 documentary from memory so he may have been engaged as a private investigator or something similar and may or may not have had any involvement in the recovery process. This is the only case where I think he may have been involved in a successful recovery and it’s most likely the situation where he first had the idea that he could make money as a business. 

From memory CRA – Child Recovery Australia was a registered business up until 2005. After that everything proclaiming to be Child Recovery Australia is a lie. He also boast about dodging Centre link and telling the AFP they are useless pricks that don’t know anything about child abduction and to go get fucked. (I’m paraphrasing). He uses his missing brother Brian Chapman’s name when contacting parents. There is no Brian Chapman yet he uses an ANZ bank account in Brians name that parents pay Colin. Everything about Colin Chapman is a fraud. “

With the recent trial and 3 year prison sentencing (link below) 

of Peter Thomas Senese in New York by the FBI for scamming victim parents, parents must be aware of social media and all these Facebook groups closed or public that these scumbags use to prey on parents and defame reputable recovery organizations. 

Parents around the world need to be made aware of this fruad Colin Chapman and his associates, especially those in Australia who he has a big control over thanks to idiot journalist who highlight him as an ‘Expert’ in this field. He is not even classed as an amateur by those in this field.
An Olympic-class conman is all he will ever be.

CARI (anyone wishing the clarify any information above please contact CARI)



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