Lets regulate this industry now!

Interesting article below by Sarah and her opinions on Child Recovery industry. We were happy to help Stuart reunite with his daughter after picking up from where he had been scammed. One point we totally agree with Sarah is this unknown industry needs to be regulated immediately before con artists like Colin Chapman scams vulnerable parents like Stuart Dempster and the many others coming forward about his scams.



In fact we had a positive discussion with the Australian government officials at DFAT in September about the need to regulate the industry to which they agreed and were aware that parents are often ripped off by certain so called operators that bring this industry into disrepute including how they continue to illegally kidnap children away from their sole and legal guardians and turn it into a recovery on their social media. To date Colin Chapman still has a video on his fb page of the illegal abduction of Ash Crick’s young boy Griffin and still calls it another successful recovery!! For God sake Griffin is back with his father who was and is still Griffin’s legal guardian. In fact the Australian courts ordered Ash full custody with NO requirements for Griffin to see his mother. Anyone who posts comments on Colin Chapman’s page which is full of fake likes and trolls, and tries to ask questions only gets deleted and banned in order to protect his fraudulent fb page advertising his scams.

We will continue to speak out and expose these parasites who prey on the vulnerable. In fact another parent contacted CARI last week with so much evidence of being scammed it’s beyond belief how low these frauds will go to fill their pockets.

It is our responsibility as a legitimate and trusted recovery organization that puts parents and children first, to not sit quiet and allow these scams to be hidden from the public. Anyone who hides facts about parents getting scammed is just as bad as those who commit the scam themselves.

#IPCA #parentalchildabduction




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