Another Ukraine abduction

Say hello to Michael (name changed) illegally abducted from the United Kingdom to Ukraine in 2014 by his father in another International Parental Child Abduction case.


In what would be one of Child Abduction Recovery International’s most emotional recoveries to date this was an amazing team effort by a 5 man and 1 woman team.

Left behind parents who have their children taken to Ukraine can forget about any system helping you. You are on your own. The Ukraine Central Authority are just useless and will not help you.

Michael was recovered by a team from CARI in the East of Ukraine where current fighting escalates with Russia. Michael’s safety was of paramount importance as was for our own team and client.

Michael has been a victim of not only physical abuse but severe PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome.) Being raised since 2014 to fight with a gun at the orders of his abducting father and beaten if he refused his fathers orders.

This case alone is horrendous but unfortunately our client also fell fowl of another scammer preying on vulnerable parents loosing 25,000 EUROS to a fraud. We are assisting our client and UK police in their investigation to this known fraud who has done this multiple times to left behind parents.

CARI was paid for our expenses only and received no payment from our client or any third party.

To our client you are inspirational and what many parents should strive to be like. You’re an amazing mother and great lady!

Thanks to our contacts in Ukraine and to UK Border force for your assistance and making a mothers dream come true.

Welcome home Michael go enjoy, it was an honor to help you young man!


(Posted at request of client. Face concealed and name changed for safety of client and child.)

#ipca #parentalabduction #childrecovery

International Parental Child Abduction is a crime!


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