List of Experienced Lawyers in International Child Abduction

Weekly CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International is contacted by desperate left behind parents. Some with their child just recently being illegally abducted and some who have been at it for years fighting the system trying to bring their children home. Every single one of them asks CARI about lawyers or tells us about their horrible experience dealing with specific lawyers or firms. Some parents find that once they take your money they are lazy and do absolutely nothing for the LBP (Left Behind Parent) except drag the parent along for the long ride ahead, seeing dollar signs only. One law firm in Manchester UK is even connected to known frauds in the recovery industry promoting each other over social media sites with fake recoveries that never took place in an attempt to lure vulnerable parents into thinking they do good work.

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So many parents have no idea where to turn, so they call CARI for honest advice and someone to point them in the right direction. We have, for many years now, worked with large and small law firms and we totally understand the need to have the right lawyer behind you in what is the most difficult and horrible experience of their lives. So we have put together a short list of lawyers we know either personally, we have had recommended to us or our clients have been happy with their work.

This is not a list of endorsements by CARI it’s a list that unlike other lists on some websites where lawyers just need to pay a yearly fee to have their names included with no due diligence carried out at all; it’s a list of who we know deals with International Parental Child Abduction or IPCA (International Parental Child Abduction). CARI has personally worked with most of these lawyers/firms in the past and or currently are on IPCA cases. It is crucial that parents do their own research. We know for a fact some lawyers who say they deal with IPCA actually don’t and it’s vital for your case you make sure you do your due diligence on which lawyer you decide to go with or just ask CARI.
MSB Solicitors (Emma Palmer) – Liverpool UK

JMW Solicitors (Cara Nuttall) Manchester UK
Irwin Mitchell – UK
Michael Lynch Family Lawyers – Queensland Australia
Armstrong Legal – Australia
Akinci Law Office – Istanbul Turkey
Feldstein Family Law Group – Canada
Pietrow Law Group – Vancouver Canada
Maclean Family Lawyers – Canada
Alzayat Law Firm – Cairo Egypt
Provda Law Firm – New York U.S.A
Miles and Stockbridge – U.S.A
Law office of Jeremy Morley – U.S.A
Joe Karam Law Firm – Beirut Lebanon
Alexandra Tribe – UK and UAE
NHT Family Law – Paris France
Chris Fendo – Malta

We can also help find you a experienced IPCA lawyer.
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