Welcome home Wiktor

Say hello to Wiktor just recovered safely and legally by CARI after being illegally abducted from his sole custodian parent 14 months ago and taken on a fugitive tour throughout Poland  by his abducting mother.

Court papers mean absolutely nothing to selfish narcissistic abducting parents especially those who chose to hide in Poland who has a dismal and appalling record for returning illegally abducted children...


In a dramatic twist when found, confronted and handed court papers for the return of her child the abductor had been ignoring, the abductor finally put her hands up and Wiktor was happily returned to his father who had missed their close bond. Priceless moment.

This was not the norm for an abductor who even when wanted by authorities still don’t just hand over the abducted children. Great result for the father and Wiktor who are now very happily home in Russia.

Welcome home Wiktor enjoy mate. You’re a great funny young man who hasn’t deserved any of the rubbish you’ve been through. Enjoy your normal life now.

Team CARI #ipca #parentalchildabduction

Posted at request of client.


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