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CARI operatives have been working tirelessly over the Christmas holidays trying to help our current clients find and bring their illegally abducted children home in 8 different countries. Unfortunately due to the actions again of the industries scammers and frauds we have been spending a lot of time wasting with our legal team removing defamatory media articles fabricated and fuelled by Colin Chapman (the same despicable man who sabotaged our Lebanon recovery), Donya Al-Nahi (who CARI dealt with in 2014 for Libel in the UK) and Pat Desmond. Anyone in this industry and sadly many parents know this lot all too well after they scam vulnerable parents with many documented scams recorded by their victims who are too scared to come forward.

To date we have, with the assistance of our legal teams in both the UK and Australia successfully had removed offline or had edited 23 news articles and interviews (radio and TV) for defamation. This has got to be some kind of record. For those who aren’t on Twitter and follow us like most journalists do you wouldn’t be aware of this. Some of those media outlets who have retracted include but are not limited to:, The Kyle & Jackie O radio show, The Sun UK, The Mirror UK, The Project, Fifi & Dave radio show, The West Australian, Pedestrian TV, Chris Smith on 2GB radio show, Sunshine Coast Daily, Sunshine Coast Radio, 92.7 Mix FM radio show, The Guardian, magazine………and the list goes on and on. Some media outlets with multiple articles removed like Journalists like Jaquelin Magnay from The Australian have a lot to answer too, for her defamatory articles. We will continue to pursue the few remaining journalists and do everything it takes to have things removed off line. As a result CARI has implemented restrictions on media covering our clients and stories. We don’t want it or need to seek out fame or media attention.

The mainstream media need to take a serious look at themselves and start carrying out due diligence on their sources while defamation laws need changing to be made a felony offence to stop journalists writing any horse toss they like and parasites like Mr. Chapman going on his continued media campaigns to gain attention for himself. As he is again doing now in the NZ media which has all the hallmarks of the media circus and false statements he created in the Eliza Szonert case to gain him some needed attention. The very same case which left a lot of journalist back peddling after the facts came out. Now so many holes the NZ journalists are missing in the latest Chapman circus. So much points to it not even being an abduction case, just a media show to gain attention. Interesting what the father will say! Give you a hint….it’s not an abduction! Girl been with father for 2 years……mother still in Europe not bothered to come look…..NZ treating it as a simple missing persons case until they find the truth, which will be the mother in EU is pissed she didnt get a phone call for Christmas, she calls Chapman who sees an opportunity to get himself in the media spotlight again so he creates the media circus about an abduction and how it will be no problems to recover the child…..well the father has been found NOT by Chapman safe and well with his loving daughter. So what is all the fuss about….No you did not find her Chapman, the police will not take custody of the girl and the girl will stay with the father. So there you go again another fabricated story at the hands of Chapman.

We know for a fact through the different media outlet editors and their legal representation that no due diligence was carried out in many reporting. Our legal team has successfully had Chapman’s Facebook page removed permanently (he has however started another page in a different name tricking parents with fake fb page likes and comments) for defamation, bullying and harassment.
Follow our blog to read our legal teams Letter of Retraction (LOR) sent to Mr. Chapman and his admission of defamation in his reply to them.

Besides this time wasting dealing with these parasites, CARI is looking to increase the now 180 (all documented) illegally abducted children we have successfully recovered over 17 years, with another new operative added to our team. We are the most reputable recovery organisation in the world.

Now on a more exciting note our CEO Adam Whittington has taken the advice of many people including legendary Australian radio host Alan Jones after his interview. Click here to hear our CEO’s interview with Alan Jones.


Adam is hard at work writing his tell all book about Lebanon before, during and after including International Parental Child Abduction. There will be a signed copy coming your way Alan! This will be the first of its kind and will reveal so much with never before seen pictures and letters from Lebanon. There will be no editing we can assure you of that and nothing will be left out. The book will also reveal what CARI’s operatives go through and sacrifice with our own families to help innocent children around the world with little to no credit or thanks, plus so much more. A suggestion from one of the worlds biggest publishers….”we would like you to write two books Adam revealing recoveries never before told of.” We can tell you there are a few jaw dropping moments from a couple people who have read some of the draft pages. We will keep you posted…..we are in no rush.




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  1. Dear Helen,
    If that is what you want to believe I guess you are one of the mothers trolls or a Chapman troll. You clearly have had the wool pulled over your eyes like others.

    Yes, absolutely the father has violated a NZ court order to which he has a very reasonable excuse for doing so. What Chapman and the mother have done however is a lie. The father never abducted Que, how can he when the father has been the sole carer while the mother was off in Switzerland being treated for her mental illness which has been diagnosed by phycologist and doctors as we have seen the reports first hand.

    You see sometimes what the media report on is not always the truth. As in the case of poor Que Langdon.

    The last time Chapman created a very similar media circus he illegally abducted a little boy in Malaysia away…..wait for it…..his sole legal gaurdian, his father. Then Chapman and the mother go on a media show stating it was a recovery. Complete liar and was proven by the father in a Australian court. But still to this day Chapman fools people because he is so desperate, that he show the video on his fb page as a recovery. The best part of it the mother had just got out of a drug rehab center in Thailand. Clearly not fit to look after a small child.

    Do you see the similarities in Que’s case? Oh, probably not as you have your head up Chapman back side.

    Are you aware of the follow that the mother and Chapman have been keeping a secret:

    The mothers diagnosed mental issue?
    The mothers self harm history?
    The mothers attempt to commit suicide?
    The police reports from the mother abducting Que in the past and the Police found her and returned her to the father?
    The mother dumping Que and leaving her with the father?
    The lies the mother has told the media along with Chapman about why the mother was in Switzerland?
    The list goes on and on and is all there in black and white including the latest court judgement. You see the authorities have not and would not deal with this case as an abduction which Chapman claims it is as the father is the sole carer for Que…..end of story.
    The mother owes over $5000 in child maintanence to the father who has been the sole and legal Guardian of Que for the last couple of years after the mother took off.

    You see every dog has their day and for Chapman it’s coming soon. Lie after lie after lie. The last is very interesting that he worked for the Australian Secret Intelligence agency ASIS. You see that in itself is a criminal offence pretending to be or worked for ASIS.

    So in future Helen don’t come on here without knowing your facts as you look and will be made to look like a complete and utter twat! Fortunately trolls like you will also get exposed in due course. So go back on Chapman’s fb page and live in his own little bubble of lies.

    And don’t worry once we have the go ahead we will be posting everything we know about Que being illegally abducted from a toilet block by Chapman. Que is in danger with that mother and all the documents we have seen clearly show that she is a very unfit parent. Physically biting your child and partner on numerous occassions is just one very worrying concern.

    Kind Regards,

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