Welcome home Onan

Say hello to Onan illegally abducted by his mother to Azerbaijan in 2014. Like most other abducted children CARI deals with Onan is a victim of PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome. The two evils of PAS and IPCA – International Parental Child Abduction go hand in hand in abduction cases. #ipca #parentalabduction

Unfortunately for Onan his mother had nothing on her mind but to destroy his relationship with his loving father. Brainwashed into believing things about his dad that no child should be taught.


Azerbaijan authorities obviously lacking any knowledge and or skills in dealing with IPCA cases refused to help the father even try and locate Onan. Embassy of the father refused to open their eyes so the father contacted CARI at the start of 2015 asking for our help.

After looking into Onan’s abduction we found very obvious signs on neglect and abuse on the mother side so we accepted the job. As some parents know as do some of our clients, trying to find someone who doesn’t want to be found is not an easy task but something CARI operatives deal with on a daily basis and never give up until we succeed.

Almost 2 years after we started to help Onan’s father yesterday CARI operatives safely recovered Onan from Azerbaijan with the assistance of a local contact. CARI does the jobs no one else can do.

We are very happy to say Onan is looking forward to building the stolen 2 years away from his father to build their close bond again. It’s going to take time and effort to rid Onan of the effects of PAS but we are confident Onan will have a much safer and normal life with his loving father and not have to live like a fugitive anymore.

Onan’s comment when he first saw his father after two years, “I never forgot you pappa”……….

Welcome home Onan. Start enjoying life as you should be……


Ps: Abducting parents both present and in the future…….DON’T DO IT YOU DAMAGE YOUR CHILDREN FOR LIFE!!

(Posted at request of client)




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