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Recent topics on our Twitter include:
– CARI going after all defamatory articles/interviews as a result of the ‘Fraud’ Squad. To date we have managed to take down 16 news articles, radio or TV interviews all who used Colin Chapman, Pat Desmond and Donya Al-Nahi as their source.
– Denzel Washington’s short interview slamming main stream media with the truth……and oh how correct Denzel is.
– Our CEO #adamwhittington reveals the first snippet of his tell all book.
– A letter from our CEO #adamwhittington while detained in inhuman conditions for 104 days thanks to the sabotaging of our Lebanon recovery by Colin Chapman.
– Our most recent recovery.
– Our latest blog post.
– Correspondence from media outlets confirming the removal of defamatory articles.
– Latest on our not for profit charity PRC – Project Rescue Children

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