CARI is suing Colin Chapman

Below is our legal representatives letter of retraction to Colin Chapman.

Defamation needs to be made a felony in order to stop parasites like Colin Chapman using social media and media outlets to spread their fabricated lies. As a result our legal team has taken down both Chapman’s CARI hate page and his Child Recovery Australia Facebook pages with the assistance of Facebook for violations including defamation, harassment and bullying. He might get away with scamming vulnerable parents and taking their money, but we will not let him get away with it.

Within 2 hours of receiving our letter of retraction Chapman removed many defamatory comments and posts from his social media. We are now in the process of removing many (7 on posting this blog) defamatory media articles where the journalists carried out no due diligence and used one source…….Colin Chapman the person who sabotaged our Lebanon recovery and then went on a media campaign in the first two weeks defaming CARI and our CEO as a result of his jealousy and unnatural obsession with CARI and our CEO.

Justice will be done Colin Chapman as media outlets are learning.

This is Colin Chapman’s email to our lawyers confirming some of his defamatory posts and comments about CARI and our CEO Adam Whittington have been removed:

From: Col Chapman []
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2016 1:24 PM
To: Karlia Stevenson <>
Subject: Re: Adam Whittington – Defamation Claim

Hello Karla,

i believe that any comments made re CARI and or Adam Whittington have been removed by now.

If that is not the case, please advise me.

The Facebook page that you spoke of is not mine, nor do i manage it or have any control over it.

Kind regards,

Col Chapman

UPDATE: 26th January 2017:

Our legal team has successfully removed 26 fabricated and defamatory articles, radio and or tv interviews who interviewed Colin Chapman. We thank those media outlets for their cooperation and understanding. We are very sure most media outlets in Australia will once and for all not touch this conman with his constant lies.







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