Welcome home Luiz…

Say hello to Luiz. Safely recovered today close to Salvador by a team from CARI. Brazil is one of the many countries reported by the US in 2015 that showed signs of non compliance to The Hague Convention. Another black hole country in regards to IPCA.


Brazil has one of the worst reputations in the child abduction scene for non compliance to The Hague Convention. It’s a known fact by parents, authorities and governments that a child taken to Brazil is usually forgotten about as it’s virtually impossible to have them returned.

Not for Luiz though because of a left behind parent who doesn’t know what the words ‘giving up’ means. Luiz was abducted the most common way….on a agreed trip to Brazil to visit a sick grandmother!! Not long after the dreaded message so many parents receive ‘Luiz is not coming home’. Now any parent who’s been through The Hague Convention process knows how bad it is at the best of times. Now multiple that by 100 and you’ll understand how Brazil operates. Corruption thrives in Brazil as this client experienced the hard way choosing the wrong lawyer.

The case was going nowhere and Brazil was not responding once again refusing to adhere to The Hague rules. The abductor refused to comply with anything including cutting all communications with our client.

Frustratingly two times CARI found Luiz, but each time he was relocated before a safe recovery could be attempted. Local authorities were not in the slightest bit interested (nothing new there). Luiz was literally left to fend for himself for long hours each day while the abductor did his own thing. Neglect at its best.

CARI and our local contacts eventually set up a safe recovery after luring the abducting parent away from the location Luiz was being held. Despite the 18 months apart Luiz instantly took to his mother with one of the biggest hugs we have seen.

Luiz was overjoyed to see and be with his mother again and couldn’t get home fast enough to be with his mates he hasn’t seen either. They have now landed back home and are enjoying some quality quiet time together reconnecting.

Luiz’s father has since called and apologized to Luiz and his mother for the nightmare he put them through!

This was a great team effort to safely return Luiz.
CARI thanks all those involved.
Welcome home Luiz.

Posted at request of Luiz and his mother.




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