Say hello to Sada…

20th October 2016: Say hello to Sada……safely recovered today by a team from CARI and her legal custodian parent, her loving father. Sada was illegally retained in a foreign country for 9 months with all access being denied by the abducting mother.


Sada was taken to Armenia by the mother with the approval of the father. Shortly after the father received a message stating his daughter was not returning to her habitual residence being Greece. The father contacted authorities immediately to only be shown the front door as they could not and were not interested in helping him. Not interested in continually being ignored or further reporting his abducted child he contacted CARI to assist in locating and safely recovering his daughter after full custody was obtained.

As of 9am this morning Sada and her father were safely and happily back home enjoying quality time together with friends and family.

The abducting mother in this case has been given the opportunity to fix things for the best interest of Sada. She is yet to reply.

Clients like this father show that even though they have been wronged by the other parent he can still put all the horrible things aside and try and do what is best for their child and not just himself.

Welcome home princess.

Sada is child 177 recovered safely by CARI.


Posted at request of client. (CARI’s new Australian branch)

#ipca #parentalchildabduction


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