Complete cover up!

Tomorrow in Australia the second episode of Australian Story featuring the story of Sally Faulkner airs on ABC.

Our CEO, Adam Whittington, was asked to be interviewed but declined due to mainstream media bias editing and unfair reporting in the past. Instead he agreed to answering questions submitted to him by the ABC that were related to comments and opinions, which will be raised by others on their show. (Our legal right to reply)

These questions are to be released on Australian Story’s website and social media sites.

However Australian Story have now chosen to omit some of the questions (Q’s 3,8,10,13,15,17) after reviewing our CEO’s answers, therefore we want to show you what they and others are trying to hide and the questions that Adam submitted in full to the ABC for the purposes of transparency. The pictures added to this post are the exact questions and answers in full that Australia Story agreed to release on their social media sites……‘in full’.

Our questions to you Australia Story is; Why are you clearly hiding undisputed facts from your show? Is this another ’60 minutes’ media cover up because fact and truth don’t fit in with your shows agenda or others on your show?

The public have a right to know the truth and not just what you want them to see with your editing and omitting of facts.

CARI is a highly sought after and reputable agency with a success rate. We will continue to help families who cannot get the help they need through the conventional channels and after having full legal right to do so.

#ipca #parentalabduction #parentalabductionaustralia (CARI’s new Australian branch)


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