Within hours we knew it was sabotaged

Recently Sally Faulkner released her book titled “All for my children” and as we have stated all along we support Sally’s book as a legacy for her children and also to raise awareness for IPCA. However after reading the book there are some points raised in the book that our CEO would like to address as his recollections of certain events differ to what was published in the book.

Below are some discrepancies with our comment:

Consultation with a Competitor – Before, During and After  

Within hours we had received information that Colin Chapman from Child Recovery Australia was involved. This information came directly from the Lebanese Police, Lebanese Intelligence Service and from Ali Elamine. Sally Faulkner was made aware of this within days of her arrest but has refused to mention this and more information in her recent published book and media campaign.

In fact during the first few days of their arrest both Sally and Adam were handcuffed and taken to the judge’s office. They were left to wait outside in the hallway when they were approached by media who started to photograph them. Adam yelled at the police to stop their photos being taken to protect Sally in which they then stepped in. Ali standing opposite Adam against the wall also spoke in Arabic to the police using the word ´media´. However Sally’s version of events seemed to exclude that Adam was even present let alone handcuffed to her and that it was Adam that addressed the police to stop the media. It was at this moment a Beirut based journalist approached Adam and attempted to ask him about Colin Chapman but was whisked away by the police before he could reply. Why? We honestly don’t know why Sally, like the Channel 9 crew attempt to distance themselves from Adam and his team even more evident in Sally´s book. Adam wrote a detailed journal each day which shows what happened. They say a picture tells a thousand words and it seems that journalist managed to get a few photos out before the police stopped her. Yes that is Adam in yellow and Sally in the denim, but Adam is not mentioned at all being present with Sally when she describes that scene in her book pages 371-374.

Our CEO wrote a personal letter to Sally Faulkner while he was detained which clearly stated facts in the case and his support for Sally. This letter along with others that have never been released to the public will be shown in a new publication coming soon. You see the truth has not come out and we will continue to fight until the whole truth is out there whether some people try their best to hide it.

Sally posted this post on CARI’s Facebook page just after her release which clearly shows Chapman’s involvement, but this post was soon deleted by Sally.


We find it very odd that so soon after Sally’s release she was desperate to let the CARI team know of her suspicions of Colin Chapman and also the comment by Ali Elamine but since that time has chosen not to further disclose this information publicly.

Ask yourself why would Colin Chapman go to great lengths to stop people talking if he had nothing to do with the sabotaging?  Why would Colin Chapman make a phone call direct to Ali Elimane telling him off, immediately after a news article was printed stating Chapman could possibly be indicted in Lebanon by the judge? Why was Chapman sending emails direct to Ali Elimane containing highly confidential information within hours of the recovery taking place?

How did Colin Chapman know so many details of what happened BEFORE all the media broke in Australia? Colin Chapman stated in a text message to Sally at 7.17 am on 07 April that “I heard what happened”. How could he have heard if the news did not break in Australia until approximately 10am.  It was all planned and coordinated by Chapman…..sabotage CARI and get straight into the media with his agenda to promote himself at the same time defame CARI and it’s CEO in every media outlet he could get his mouth on. On writing this blog, CARI has removed 4 defamatory news articles, 1 magazine article, written a letter of retraction to Colin Chapman for his dozens and dozens of defamatory statements in papers, radio and tv interviews. Chapman has refused to reply to our lawyers in the allocated time given and now will be served court papers with our defamation lawsuit. He did however delete many defamatory, fabricated, and false comments on his social media within 2 hours of our legal team sending our LOR. Our legal team was also successful in removing the fb page ‘Child Recovery Australia’ run by Colin Chapman for violations including but not limited to defamation, harassment and bullying. Our legal team has also had Facebook remove Colin Chapman’s hate page ‘CARI- Child Abduction Recovery International Exposed’ for defamation, bullying, harassment and stalking. Unfortunately numerous journalists and media outlets are also finding out the consequences of writing articles without carrying out any due diligence on their sources. 99.9% of articles written in the first two weeks all had one source…..Colin Chapman.

One by one the long list of defamatory articles, radio and tv interviews where Chapman was the source and or interviewed will be taken down that we are confident of.

The facts are all there and point to the one person who lost the contract, was “But hurt” and is obsessed with jealousy of CARI Child Abduction Recovery International. Sally Faulkner is hiding these facts for some unknown reason and that has also been made clear by ABC’s Australian Story program who edited out every mention of Colin Chapman’s name in our CEO’s right to reply answers. She knows the involvement of this evil individual and we can only come to the conclusion that Sally has been like so many other parents threatened by Colin Chapman not to reveal his name in any publications or interviews.

The question on many minds is is Sally playing people?  On the 12th of October Sally attended an event in Brisbane for parents who are victims of PAS and to promote PAS. While at the event who turns up……Colin Chapman. We are guessing he was unaware Sally would be there. Sally sees Chapman looks him in the eyes and says,”Colin Chapman”. And what did Chapman do? He turned away without saying a single word and “sheepishly” took off leaving as fast as he showed up. How do we know this because these below are WhatsApp messages sent to our CEO on that same day by Sally. (note: these 3 messages where deleted by Sally in the conversation within days of sending them to our CEO). Sally´s behaviour with Chapman´s involvement is clear she is scared or threatened by him.

Now ask yourself why on earth would the man who Sally clearly praises in her book for all the good he did for her just take off like that? He states in many of his fabricated media interviews he and Sally spoke hundreds of times. You would think he would at least have the decency to say hello Sally…….but no. Is it guilty consense for sabotaging Sally´s recovery! Why leave out in a book the amatuarish work Colin says he carried out for Sally before CARI got involved. Paying him $2000 to put a gps tracker on Ali´s car. We can assure you Chapman never stepped a foot in Lebanon. Everytime Sally asked Chapman for an update he would always state , “oh yeh Ali’s car is still in a long term carpark at the airport”. Yeh right and pigs fly also! The biggest question that needs to be ask (we know the answer as we have it on an email from Sally) why did Sally choose not to use Colin Chapman´s servicves to recover her children?? So many things do not add up…..

This article below gives you an indication of the truth….


Current status on charges of kidnapping 

We have read Sally’s book which she is highly publicising in the media and we can tell you now there are more then a few inaccuracies in it in particular legal matters. Sally claimed that Adam was incorrect when he stated in his interview with C7’s Sunday Night show that “no one has been charged”  after confirming with his legal team on the day of filming and it was confirmed that the head Judge Afif Al Hakim was currently reviewing the charges proposed by investigative judge Rami Abdullah, however Judge Hakim to this day has still not laid formal charges. This is a statement from Joe Karam acting lawyer for CARI and our CEO in Lebanon.

“Let’s be clear: The indictment written by Rami Abdallah is not final until it is approved by the Chamber of appeal presided by Afif Al Hakim. At this time, the chamber of Judge Afif Al Hakim has not issue any final decision in Sally Faulkner’s case, it is only when this chamber issue this final decision that the trial can begin, if ever they accept the proposed charges written by Judge Rami, but if ever they consider it is not a felony then it will go to a unique judge in charge of misdemeanor. Most probably the differences between the French civil law system and the Common law system is making this issue a bit complicated to be understood…

The criminal charges in Lebanon have to go via different steps to become final, to be more precise: the extract translation of the chamber of Judge Afif El Hakim from Arabic is; “Authority of Accusation” and the Arabic phonetic in English is : ” Al Hayat Al ittihamiyah”.

And when the legislator named this chamber as an Authority it means he is giving this body the authority to charge before going to the trial….I can say that someone is charged only when a final decision is issued by the chamber of Judge Afif. If you all were charged as Sally seems to wrongfully believe with the proposed decision written by Rami you (Adam), Khaled, Craig and Mohammed would never dream of messaging me from a mobile phone right now!

That’s why I lobbied  and was successful to get you out using our legal system before any final decision of this chamber otherwise if Appellate chamber issued a final charges as proposed by Judge Rami you all will stay locked in until the trial which will take a long time. The other parties including C9 were dreaming of keeping you (Adam) in without any bail until the trial begins…I hope this is clear now.

Sally’s lawyer Mr Ghassan is not an expert in criminal proceedings, he is more specialised in corporate and family civil proceedings……” Joe Karam, Karam Law, President Beirut Bar Association.

The Phone Call and compromising the safe house

On another note which Sally is still unclear about is the phone call she made to Ali. It did not get traced regardless of what Ali and his police friends told her. We will shortly prove this with independent expert witnesses in a new publication released soon. What is even more disturbing is all the communication Sally was involved in from the safe house which we didn’t know until reading her book. We knew from articles that Sally was using her Australian mobile phone contacting of all people Colin Chapman after he quickly sold the messages to Fairfax Media for an undisclosed some of money for the world to see. We knew from other articles and from Sally’s media campaign she called her family back in Australia on her Australian mobile. But we didn’t know she was skyping family back home, calling the Embassy in Beirut, talking to C9 numerous times, and one we can’t believe she would do…… is allow herself to be interviewed by a journalist from Channel 9 all while in the safe house and all on her mobile being traced by Lebanese authorities. Sally has constantly reiterated that she followed all instructions however the number one instruction she did not comply with was not to use her personal phone – as it would be this number that would be likely to be traced.

In 2008 a Canadian mother stayed in a safe house for approximately 30 days before escaping Lebanon…….why? Because she didn’t go using her known and traceable mobile phone calling people and being interviewed by media. We have no doubt if Sally did not communicate with every man and his dog from the safe house she could still be siting their right now with her children and a second plan could possibly have been implemented to get her out. Regardless it would not of been on a ´rubber dingy´for $75,000 as offered by Chapman who tried to gain more financially from this situation he created, after he sold his and Sally´s sms conversation to Fairfax media. C9 commented in the media “there was no way they would give Chapman $75,000 as he would have the money in his bank account and never leave his Sunshine Coast home”……quote!

The truth is Sally can try and pass the buck onto who ever she likes and hide facts in an attempt to not look bad, but the undisputed facts are Sally and the safe house were compromised by all her communicating from her traceable Australian mobile phone. Sally did not follow every instruction from CARI, if she did as she states everywhere recently in the media she would not of turned on her phone in the safe house. If it is true what Sally is now stating, that she was compromised by her call we instructed her to call Ali early on the 6th April why did it take police over 24 hours to pick her up in the safe house? Did they think oh we’ll just let Sally spend some more time with her children before we go knocking!! The sooner Sally accepts the facts the sooner the truth will finally be out instead of all the lies and inaccuracies continually spread by people who don’t know facts or people who refuse to take responsibility for actions they did during the recovery. It’s all very well and easy to pass all the blame onto those who did everything to help. Something C9 did from day one.

Sally goes on and on about how much of a liar Ali is (which the world knows is true) then why does she believe him about her phone call to him being traced? Lets guess….because she’s passing the blame for the comprising of the safe house to others. Anyone who knows how CARI operates would know we would be the first to take full responsibility if we caused something to happen, but we won’t sit and let people try to blame us for their personal errors when instructed otherwise.

Interview with CARI on ABC 05 April 2016

Sally also brings up our CEO’s interview on the boat the night before the recovery as possibly being something that tipped off authorities. ABSOLUTE garbage…..that interview had NOTHING to do with Lebanon. This is the original article from the interview on the boat with ABC. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-06/father-of-abducted-daughters-says-he-will-not-stop-searching/7304940

So how does that article tip off the police? It doesn’t that’s how.

This below email is from Josh Bavas the journalist who interviewed our CEO on the boat via skype. Even Josh was concerned that Sunday Night gave the impression to viewers his interview might have something to do with a tip off.

Hi Adam

I just caught Seven’s Sunday Night program.

I’m a bit confused and concerned about the section where they outlined how police found out of your whereabouts.
Sunday Night suggested it was Sally Faulkner’s Facebook posts and ‘this bizarre interview’ which aired that night which led to your arrest.
However I have a few concerns because:
1) The Skype interview I did with you went to air on the night before your arrest but did not disclose your location or anything about the specific job you were on.
(I can provide the scripts of the television news story in the morning.) 
2) The part of the Skype interview they played on Sunday Night was what my colleagues  in ABC Sydney (International Desk and 730) aired a week following your arrest.
That was many days after the reporting of your arrest.
This was not my decision to use the grabs but I am pointing out that it was several days later, not before the arrest.
Could you please seek Seven’s Sunday Night to clarify this.
I can follow up with Sunday Night also.
Josh Bavas
So how Sally does the skype interview play a part in tipping off the police when it was released by ABC one week after your arrest?
The footage on the boat used by ABC’s Mat Brown mentioning Channel 9 was OFF THE RECORD talk and Brown had no permission  to air it and twist it as if that was in the interview. Mat Brown had seen the footage in the Sydney office with an editor from ABC and thought this will be great to get a big scoop by writing a article. How do we know this because this below is another email from Josh to CARI:


As for the shots used again in a later story, ABC News waited one week after his arrest and used vision of him to overlay coverage.

They also used a grab which he said “We’re here with 60 Minutes.

I also would like to point out that I had no control over that vision – it featured in a story by our Middle East correspondent Matt Brown – after our Sydney office seized the vision.” All the best Josh Bavas

Our thoughts 

Absolutely true Sally´s comments in the media recently that Adam and his team knew what they were getting into,”it´s their job they knew the risks”, but if we had of known about all the things going on behind the scenes and who was involved behind our backs there is no way we would of touched this case. As they say always listen to your gut feelings! CARI takes full responsibility for the recovery and how it was carried out, but we will never take responsibility for the failure and or the compromising of the safe house both caused by other parties outside of CARI control.

This case has got so out of control by peoples assumptions and their own theories that the truth will never come out regardless of all the evidence in their face. With this case everyone seems to think they are the expert yet no one has the facts and when we are approached for the truth, our version is consistently edited so that the facts remain hidden. Sally also states in numerous media interviews recently that she can not mention anything about the recovery because she signed an agreement with CARI and has been threatened to be sued if she does talk. Lets make it very clear once and for all, every client signs an agreement for one reason…..to protect our operatives and future clients. Our methods and details of our operations are kept confidential so not to jeapodise future recoveries. As simple as that. Sally and her book publisher were made aware of this agreement and what it detailed about revealing confidential information. All ours, others and our legal teams concerns and requests for Sally to hold off publishing her book until after the trial were ignored. Sally agreed to show all pages of the draft of her book to CARI to confirm it complied with our agreement, but her publishers blocked this request at the last minute and refused to show us anything going to print to see specific pages where it mentions CARI or its operates or operation. To the shock of all our families and supporters Sally’s first announcment of her book ever being written and being released in October was when all CARI members will still behind bars. Shows just how much concern Sally had towards the guys who tried to help her. Expendables as some say……

It’s very sad so many people in this story continue to try and cover their backsides including the corrupt and embarrassed Lebanese authorities and Hezbollah.

The Lebanese security services now state in the media they were monitoring all our moves from day one ……were they really?…..then how did one operative manage to leave from Beirut airport under his real name and identity? This Operative did not leave Beirut until well after everyone including Sally were detained. Furthermore for a national intelligence agency to state that they procured their intelligence from Google is unbelievable. Complete garbage and just a cover up by them to save face.

We do however as we have from day one, support Sally Faulkner regardless of incorrect and false statements she has written and stated in the media. Sally is a victim as well as her two children. We hope for the sake of the two children both Sally and Ali can put their differences aside and stop their attacks of each other in their media circus. Being in a million media articles will not fix problems or get children returned.

The biggest concern for CARI and our CEO is the timing of the publication of this book. As we stated above charges have not been formally laid against Adam, Sally and the others the decision being still in the hands of the Appellate Court. It is the shared opinion of all remaining parties – the Channel 9 lawyer, management and their Lebanese legal counsel as well as our CEO, his crew and their Lebanese legal counsel – that the timing of his book was irresponsible and could change the outcome of the proceedings to the detriment of all accused parties. You can be assured that the Lebanese judicial system will be reading this book, just like they were reading all Australian articles pertaining to this case and even following the #bringskippyhome Facebook campaign created for our CEO. This book leaves the accused in a very precarious situation, something that our CEO and the team at CARI have very grave concerns about. Currently Adam, Sally and the CARI crew are  facing the proposed Article 495 kidnapping felony – a charge that carries a 10 year sentence.Although all parties have confidence in their Lebanese legal counsel to have this charge downgraded or dismissed, it may be that this book leaves all parties exposed and could face dire consequences because of the rush to have this book published.

Our CEO will one day bring this whole story into one publication with no holds barred however this will not be happening while the judicial process in Lebanon is ongoing. Our CEO is not prepared to compromise the freedom of all parties involved.  We can only hope that no one faces severe repercussions due to the rushed publication of Sally’s book.


http://www.childrecoveryaustralia.com.au (CARI’s new Australian Branch)


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  1. Carol Dorman says:

    Are you trying to twist the knife in, Adam? Take a breath and let her grieve.

    1. Hi Carol, there is no knife twisting going on. It´s called stating facts and the truth which Sally has failed to do in her book and or in the media. The evidence is there for all to see.

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