Louise Monaghan

Public Notice:

It has been brought to our attention of two Australian articles that were published in April in which a Louise Monaghan a left behind parent claimed that she had sought CARI’s assistance in the recovery of her child in 2011.

In these articles she claims that CARI was “disinterested and money orientated”. It was also quoted that CARI “took advantage of parents stuck in agonising dilemmas”.

Our operatives have been recovering children independently through an informal network for over 16 years and not once in that time has Miss Monaghan contacted CARI until November 2014.

CARI would like to minimise the reputational damage these articles have attempted to bring to CARI by publicly stating to all our followers that we refute these statements.

The first contact this parent made with CARI was in November 2014 where they offered support to other left behind parents that we were working with. See attached Miss Monaghan’s first message to CARI in 2014, take note of the date above her message and her introduction in the first couple of sentences….not something someone would write if what she stated in the media about 2011 was true and correct!!


We have recently reached out to Miss Monaghan and the two media outlets advising that the statements were incorrect and a part of the reply we received from Miss Monaghan was that “they recall contacting someone that sounds like CARI”.

We are concerned that this vague recollection has formed the basis of two defamatory articles. Here at CARI we want to set the record straight.

That truth is Miss Monaghan never contacted CARI or any of our operatives in 2011; she blatantly lied and used the Australian media to defame CARI at the same time trying to promote herself and her book ‘Stolen – Escape from Syria’

Sadly due to events over the last six months we have seen a number of cases where people have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, to have their five minutes of fame preaching to be experts or having knowledge of CARI when they haven’t.

For Miss Monaghan and others, the only reason we see for making false and defamatory statements about CARI, was to raise their own profile whilst taking advantage of CARI’s vulnerable position where our CEO was unable to be granted a right of reply.

CARI will as we have in the past not sit still and let people think they can defame others with lies and a means to gain public attention. Legal proceedings are under way to have these and other clearly defamatory articles removed. (Update: Both Mamamia.com.au and News.com.au have removed the defamatory articles relating to Louise Monoghan) 

People need to learn you just can’t say lies to the media and think they can get away with it.


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