Another Russian recovery

Say hello to Mihajlo……recovered today from Russia by a team from CARI and now safely and happily home with his loving father, younger brother and family.


Mihajlo was illegally abducted by his mother 2 years ago during Christmas day while on a family holiday. Disappearing off the radar and helpless the father contacted CARI 15 months ago asking for our help. Unfortunately Russia is a difficult country to both find children in and also have them returned by authorities.

Mihajlo has been actually trying to make contact with his father via social media but failed to connect. CARI has been putting a lot of hours into this difficult job and have been side by side both physically and emotionally with our client through the good and bad days over the last 15 months. It was only a matter of time before the abducting parent like all others made a mistake.

As a result of the abducting mother letting her guard down CARI and our contacts in Russia managed to locate Mihajlo through her mobile phone. When found and knowing the game was over the abducting mother asked for one thing…………money.
Says it all really!

Welcome home Mihajlo. You’re an amazing young man and have a heart of gold. Now live life like you should have been living life and not like a fugitive.

Thank you to CARI’s contacts in Russia for assisting and for once again proving yourself in another difficult case.

CARI second to none…….

Posted at request of client.

#ipca #childabductionrussia #parentalabduction


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