The Extortion Gang

It’s a long one but anyone who has followed the Lebanon sabotaged recovery might find this interesting….

Sometimes CARI deals with abductions where the parent who abducted the children has serious issues. That is unfortunately the case in our Sabotaged job in Lebanon.

Firstly we are extremely happy to report that as of now all people involved in the recovery are out of prison. Why it took so long to have some released only Ali Elamine can answer that with his corrupt friends and family.

Now all are out we are sharing with you all just what has been happening at the direction of this evil manipulating compulsive liar of a parent. As our CEO stated on the Alan Jones radio show two small children are being held in Lebanon against their will. They do NOT want to be there and want to return home to Australia. They are clearly also victims of PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome another form of child abuse. Those are two facts in this case that can’t be disputed.

With Mr. Elamine giving instructions (he for some reason gets others to do his dirty work) threats were made over the phone a number of weeks ago to CARI’s lawyers office in Beirut and we quote “if Adam or you (lawyers) try and get Khaled and Mohammed released from prison we will blow your office up”. A police report has been filed in Lebanon.

With the instructions from Mr Elamine and his brother Wissam, resident in Dubai, Contact was made to CARI by Matt Ryan Garnsey (also funny enough founder and producer of the series Here come the Habibs aired by none other then wait for it…….CHANNEL 9!!!) advising CARI to contact him as he could help with our CEO being detained in Lebanon.

Once contact was made with Mr Ryan Garnsey, he then passed us onto Elie Boustani, a Sydney resident claiming to be in close contact with both Ali & Wisssam Elamine (a fact that we verified as being true and correct). Whilst our CEO was imprisoned in Lebanon, Mr Boustani proceeded to make continuous contact with CARI, friends and even our CEO’s wife offering “to help”.

How was he going to help you ask? Working in collaboration with the Elamine brothers, he demanded a payment from our CEO’s family that was almost double of that Channel 9 paid out to the Elamine family to secure their release. Of course this extortion demand was replied to with a response that there was no way that kind of money they were seeking could ever be raised.

So Mr Boustani came back with another demand for consideration. He demanded the ability to negotiate a media deal with the Australian media and all funds secured from his negotiations would go straight to the pockets of Mr Boustani and the Elamine brothers AND a payment would still be required to secure our CEO’s release but would be reduced as a “media deal” would satisfy their greed.

So if our CEO’s family and friends agreed to these terms and made these extortion payments what were they getting in return? The release of our CEO and his colleagues from prison

What was the risk if these payments were not made? Our CEO’s family were threatened that the Elamine family were so powerful in Lebanon that he would be incarcerated in Lebanon for the next 20 years.

Family and friends consulted with our CEO in prison and he was adamant that not one dollar would ever be paid for extortion and threats against him and his family.

Thankfully through the skill ful and strategic legal arguments of the Lebanese legal team, truth and integrity won out and all parties involved are now at home with their families except for one, Sally Faulkner, who because of the evil and calculating actions of some is now estranged from her beloved children.

Did you ever ask yourself why our CEO was repeatedly denied bail? This was because influence was placed on the judges and the system to keep him detained in the hope of another pay day since $500K is simply not enough.

Did you ever ask yourself why there was never any public comments made in regards to the Elamine family from family, friends and supporters of our CEO? Because they lived in a constant state of fear of the power these people claimed to have over the judicial system with their connections to Hezbollah and the consequences that could face our CEO in the Lebanese dungeons.

Upon our CEO’s release from prison, 1 hour before he was due to leave Lebanon he was advised a travel ban had been placed on him through the civil courts.

Ali Elamine placed this order on our CEO to prevent him leaving Lebanon as he claimed in his pleadings “he had not received any compensation”, yes he had already conveniently forgot to mention that he had already received $500K from Channel 9, an unprecedented amount of compensation ever paid in Lebanon.

So again Mr Elamine was manipulating the judicial system in a last ditch effort to procure more funds. Our CEO was hidden in a safe house for his own safety whilst the matter was dealt with in a trail. The travel ban was immediately lifted in the presence of Australian Embassy officials as soon as our CEO’s legal team produced Channel 9’s compensation cheque which interestingly carried the wording “For the release of the working team”. Mr Elamine when confronted by the cheque told the judge, “Yes I received this money but I gave it all to charities”. The judge ordered Mr Elamine out of his courtroom. And this is a man who tells people he and his family run Lebanon.

So as a picture tells a thousand words we have included some screen shots of these extortion messages as well as the picture of the infamous cheque (you know the one that Ali Elamine declared to the Australian media he never received????). In the screen shots you will also see that Mr Boustani also made a new and interesting acquaintance Colin Chapman child recovery Australia. These screenshots were also accompanied by many phone calls that would detail the deals on the table to ensure our CEO was left to rot in Lebanon for the next 20 years if we did not comply.


Not only did our CEO and his family and friends have to endure the nightmare of the conditions he was detained in, the knowledge that our CEO had been intentionally set up to be arrested in this operation in a series of evil events outside of his control, the systematic barrage of defamatory statements in the media by a competitor and the fact that he was thrown under the bus and left to rot by channel 9, they also had to endure repeated extortion and threats during this whole time.

We as well as authorities and our legal team in Australia who are dealing with a large defamation lawsuit against this parasite and some journalists who think it’s ok to write defamatory articles using a source like #ColinChapman from #Childrecoveryaustralia, are aware of a CARI fb hate page which has been created to defame CARI and our CEO with fabricated lies and that the same evil person who sabotaged our Lebanon recovery is in cahoots with Mr Boustani and the Elamine family trying their best to stop CARI telling the truth. After we post on our social media this little childish gang fabricates our posts and pictures in order to manipulate people. One trick they use on their hate pages is to drop peoples names in a tone to make those reading their garbage believe they are being contacted by these names. We ask all our followers not to take any notice of the defamatory comments and posts on the CARI hate page.

We have recently been alerted to Mr Boustani, clearly disillusioned that he was never to make profits from this trauma, sending messages of defamation to our CEO’s family, friends and supporters where he demonstrated a skill of communicating with emojis (see attached screenshot). We apologise to anyone that has received these vile messages and request that you delete these and block the sender so that you are not subjected to further harassment.

We now hope that one day soon Mr Elamine sees the irreparable damage that he is doing to his two precious children and allows them to have a relationship with their mother, although judging by his actions over the last five months we are not optimistic.

Attached is evidence of the above messages sent by Elie Boustani to a member of the bring skippy home page who Mr Boustani is now also defaming over social media. Also attached is the $500,000 cheque Ali Elamine never received (cheque is from C9 lawyer in Lebanon to Mr Elamine’s lawyer).


One of the most interesting screenshots attached is the one where Elie is telling our person that #ColinChapman called Mr Elamine and threatened him. Now ask yourself WHY would #ColinChapman call Elamine at the beginning and threaten the abducting father…….might have something to do with an article being printed in the media with Colin Chapman’s name being mentioned as possibly being indicted by the judge and #ColinChapman was trying to cover himself after the two emails he sent the father which gave everyone up….


Stay tuned more truths to follow….. if you think this is all we have on these muppets you’re mistaken! You can also follow our blog which will have more facts and evidence associated with the sabotaged recovery in Lebanon.

And why have the media not been onto this information? Because this is the first time we have put this out, it’s part of an ongoing investigation, it’s part of a defamation lawsuit and simply because of the many false articles written by many journalists at the beginning who used #ColinChapman as their one and only source we do not trust media. As simple as that………so we will put out the facts and evidence about the sabotaged recovery when and how we see fit to expose the truth and those involved NOT the media who do nothing but twist and turn facts to get a great story.

Sorry it’s long but there is so much people do not know about what and how things happened in Lebanon. Please share this around as this little gang needs exposing for everything they have and are continuing to do.

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