Say hello to Kyle

Say hello to Kyle….

Kyle was illegally abducted by his father and his family whilst on a weekend access visit in August 2016. All contact was cut off by the abducting father and his family who also moved town at the same time as the abduction.

The mother was told by police that they could not help her find or locate Kyle who is just under 2 years old. 8 weeks Kyle had no contact with his primary caregiver.

Even after the mother obtained an urgent recovery order by the Queensland courts the AFP (Australian Federal Police) refused to act.

The mother then contacted CARI who offered advise and support on how to move forward. Yesterday little Kyle was recovered safely and returned to his loving mother.

The system does suck and provides very few left behind parents any support or guidance hence CARI is inundated with requests for help both Internationally and Domestically.

Kyle was legally recovered with court orders and police assistance due to the never give up attitude of his mother and her family.

CARI is in contact providing after care and advise on how to avoid future possible abductions for Kyle.

Welcome home little man…..



Posted at request of family. Picture of Kyle and his lovely grandmother after being reunited.

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