The Emails that sabotaged Lebanon

One question CARI has been asked a lot is “how did the police know to look for you” in Lebanon.

Due to the lies being told by this compulsive liar of a competitor and not one media article stating facts and all fuelled by their one source , the same individual Colin Chapman who sabotaged our recovery. Once and for all we are going to answer that question! And the Colin Chapman’s reply to these emails after he got exposed “they are fake” Oh really, of course they are just like anyone who speaks the truth. Well here they are for all to see!

– The recovery took place at 2.30pm AEST (7.30am Lebanon time) see the below 2 emails that was sent from Australia by Colin Chapman to Ali Elimane the first at 5.35pm AEST (10.35am Lebanon time) a mere 3 hours after the recovery, approximately 4 hours before our CEO’s arrest (around 2.30pm Lebanon time) AND approximately 15 hours before the news of our arrest broke in Australia. You can clearly see in black and white below in the email chain from CARI’s source to a CARI operative (while our CEO was still being detained) a “competitor” was solely responsible for the tip off.

Chapman 1.JPG

Chapman 2.JPG

Chapman 3.jpg

Chapman 4.JPG

All police did after the abducting father was contacted by Colin Chapman was check the immigration computer to see if our CEO had entered Lebanon. FYI – Anyone entering Lebanon by boat needs to register the boat and crews details with immigration including where the boat is to be moored. The first question our CEO was asked when he was approached by the police at the boat was whether he knew Colin Chapman and was shown an image of him!

– During our CEO’s questioning at the police station, the father involved took great delight in telling our CEO “you got played by Colin Chapman” after Chapman sent him emails

– The next day Colin Chapman outs our CEO on his Facebook business page as being involved BEFORE it is even confirmed to our CEO’s family and friends

– Chapman receives text messages from the mother in the safe house (which he promptly SELLS to the media) who was asking for help. He immediately states “I heard what happened” BEFORE the news had broken in Australia! This communication via the mothers Australian mobile phone was being monitored by Lebanese police and as a result found the location of the safe house

– Chapman offers to get the mother and her children out of Lebanon in a ‘rubber dingy’ for $75,000. Clearly Colin Chapman has never operated in Lebanon before as he portrays he has

– Chapman then parades himself on every media outlet that will have him as a self proclaimed “Child Recovery Expert” once again outing our CEO’s identity and seemed to know more about what was happening to our CEO at that moment than our CEO’s family and friends.

– Chapman is quoted in the media saying that he also quoted for this job in which CARI, C9 and the mother have no knowledge of.

– Colin Chapman is named in the indictment alongside our CEO and his co accused. In Lebanon it is perceived when one is named in an indictment and not charged it is highly likely due to the person being granted immunity for being an informer

CARI always prides itself on its meticulous and careful planning of every operation. That’s how we managed to get safely in and out of a Hezbollah safe hold without being stopped. The only risk we never factored in was being grassed up by Colin Chapman who clearly was very disgruntled for not being able to procure the Lebanon job in himself.

The selfish actions of one evil person resulted in the following consequences
– 5 people being detained in an inhumane Lebanese dungeon for 2 weeks
– 4 people being detained in three cruel and horrific conditions for between almost 4-5 months while being held for ransom by the abducting father
– Worst of all two children are now growing up, cut off from all contact and love from their mother.

How this person sleeps at night we do not know but to do that to two innocent children and still label himself as a “child recovery expert” is just sick!

This recovery was not botched this was a clear case of sabotage!

This ass continues to manipulate and threaten anyone who tries to expose him including the media. His favourite line, “I’ll sue you for defamation if you print anything about me”. Colin Chapman is nothing but a Olympic – Class conman and fraud who has been dodging exposure for years.

Stay tuned for more truths including the $500,000 cheque the abductor stated he never received and when his lies caught up with him in front of a judge he replied “oh yes I received the money but gave it all to charity”

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