Who Sabotaged Lebanon?

There is only one reason two small children are not home in Australia with their mother…..that reason is………… Colin Chapman.


The same individual who sat on national tv admitting to using drugs on young children to keep them quite.

Charged and convicted of Fraud in Queensland Australia as well as being banned from flying with Qantas Airlines for the indecent touching of a female passenger (contact Qantas or AFP). Investigated by Sunshine Coast Police for inappropriate behaviour to 2 minor children (contact Qld Police). Current DVO on him by his ex wife (contact the Sunshine Coast family court or QLD Police). All facts no fiction!

This individual is a menace to all children and vulnerable parents around the world.

He has committed the most incomprehensible act to two innocent children because he lost the job after the client got suspicious of him doing nothing. With an unnatural obsession with our CEO and CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International, Colin Chapman is nothing but an Olympic – class conman and fraud who preys on vulnerable parents and loves nothing more then to have his face and name in any media outlet desperate enough to listen to him.

Listen to our CEO’s live radio interview with Australia’s number one radio host Alan Jones

Alan Jones talks with Adam Whittington

Finally some of the truth is coming out with no TV channels. Listen to the attached radio interview to find out who actually sabotaged the Lebanon recovery and how.

Emails Colin Chapman sent the abducting father which tipped off the police will be released soon along with the $500,000 cheque the father adamantly denied numerous times in the media receiving from Channel 9.

It doesn’t pay to be a liar! OR Does it Ali Elimane?





CARI Child Abduction Recovery International



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