Why FB unpublished our main FB page

It seems our recent posts regarding our CEO’s release as well as his return to work on the recent successful recovery of baby Anastasia has ruffled a few feathers of those who are sweating about the truth coming out therefore we have just found our main CARI – Child Abduction Recovery International page has been unpublished by Facebook temporarily. This has occurred for reasons we don’t understand and we are working with Facebook to get this rectified. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause our clients and supporters. For now CARI will be using our information page as our main source of news until this matter is rectified.

FB FFFFFF children

See below the last post made on CARI, before it was unpublished, as it appears this was the post that has got some people worried!

Very soon the headlines will read “LEBANON RECOVERY WAS SABOTAGED” not Botched as media have reported. Details will soon be released for all those journalists waiting to report and expose the truth. The muppets on Chanel 9’s board have a lot to answer for as do others, don’t they Julie Bishop, Ali Elamine and ?……! We have sat quietly for 4 months and now all the ducks are lined up.

Thank you to all those journalists who continue to see through the initial rubbish reporting, fuelled by one individual and for taking an interest in our work and IPCA – International Parental Child Abduction.

We encourage media to keep IPCA in the spotlight as it’s been and always will be an epidemic worldwide problem. Governments need to step up and make changes in laws to protect the thousands of innocent children being used as tools/weapons against the other parent. This is something CARI is passionate about helping change. IPCA must be made a crime!

IPCA will not go away nor will CARI……..

Latest article by Daily Mail Australia:




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